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We are hosting our 15th, weekly, game of Clue for the Laws family, via Zoom.
Game 14 standings are:
Team 1: Jerry & LindaProfessor Plum4
Team 2: Anne Van BeberColonel Mustard-
Team 3: Julia & MattMiss Scarlet5
Team 4: Brian & TacyMr. Green1
Team 5: Diane & LouMrs. Peacock-
Team 6: CourtneyMrs. White-
With a little more automation in place, the game ran well through the macros I had created. Julia and Matt chaulked up win #6 with Mrs. White, Wrench, Conservatory. Anne is not available next week, and Amy and Brian should be returning. We discussed additions to the game of more suspects, weapons, and the addition of upstairs living quarters or a basement.