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We have received our first of two Covid-19 vaccinations.
Tuesday, March 9, in the evening, Kate called to report she had secured an appointment for me, on Thursday, the 11th. She accomplished this by going to the St. Jo Health website and repeatedly hitting "refresh" until a vacant appointment appeared. She grabbed the first one that appeared, but couldn't complete it before it was grabbed by someone else. She was successful on the 2nd.
Wednesday morning, around 9, Kate called to report she had secured an appointment for Lydia, at 1140 AM, TODAY.
We left the house at 1030 for the 15 minute ride to the Berks County Vaccination Center. Our GPS took us, first, to the wrong complex, but the driver of a Senior Citizen bus, there, sent us farther down the street to the right place.
At the door, our temperatures were checked and we told the greeter that Lyd had an appointment for today, but mine was for tomorrow, and asked if I might be "hit" too. He said he didn't know, for sure, but advised us to take our best shot, and sent us to Table 6. There we met Carl and presented our request for dual vaccinations. He consulted the pharmacist who gave approval. YES! Carl checked out authorization emails and Medicare Cards. He canceled my Thursday appointment (making another patient, somewhere, VERY happy, seconds later, when they captured that new vacancy).
Carl sent us to Christine who gave us our shot cards, and then our shots! Lyd is very needle-phobic, but was a real trooper when Chris hit her in her left shoulder in one quick stroke with a dose of Pfizer. Chris hit me next with the same and then gave us an appointment card for March 31 at 1240 for our 2nd shots.
Thursday morning: No side effects!
Chris & Lyd