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Spring 2020
Covid 19, the current version of the Coronavirus, originated in Wuhan, China, and quickly spread throughout the world. Though not particularly deadly across the board, it's biggest impact has been among the elderly with serious health issues.
Tue, Aug 09 Finally, Covid caught up with us. While onboard the American Constitution in Newport, RI, on ACL Cruise #11, Lyd tested positive; after exposure from another passenger.
Tue, Feb 22 D tested positive for Covid Omicron
Fri, Jan 14
Leo tested positive for Covid Omicron and stayed home a few days with no lasting effects.
Sat, Oct 02
Sat, May 29
Giant Super Market has dropped masking for immunized patrons.
Wed, Apr 14 Two weeks after the 2nd shot, we are, officially, immune. We will go out for lunch tomorrow to Coastal Grille.
Mon, Mar 29 Linda reports her 1st Pfizer shot is scheduled for Wednesday.
Sun, Mar 28 Sal reports his 1st Covid shot of Pfizer.
Mon, Mar 22 D and Leo returned to in-person school at their respective buildings, just over a year after being closed.
Mon, Mar 08 Bill reports, from Denver, he's getting his 1st Covid shot tomorrow.
Fri, Feb 05 Kate got her 2nd Covid-19 vaccination shot. Still nothing for us.
Fri, Jan 08 Kate got her 1st Covid-19 vaccination shot.
Thu, Jan 07
The March trip to WDW has been cancelled.
Mon, Dec 14
Pfizer vaccine approved.
Thu, Dec 10 Pennsylvania's governor has shut down indoor dining for the next three weeks.
Tue, Dec 01 The playmate of a sibling of a friend of the boys has tested positive for Covid, so the boys have been grounded from seeing any of those friends.
Sat, Nov 21 A Clemson player tested positive, so the FSU Football game hosting Clemson was postoned.
Thu, Aug 27 We went out for lunch to Masa, our first lunch out, dining in the restaurant dining room, since March.
Mon, Aug 17 With many Disney restaurants still closed, we cancelled our November Trip.
Wed, Aug 05 Kate announced the boys will not be returning to school, in person, the first semester, and will be participating in Virtual School.
Mon, Jun 29 I went to the local Great Clips and waited 20 minutes for a haircut, (my 1st in 125 days) but without a beard trim, so, as soon as I got home, I took over the powder room and gave my beard a (terrible) trim.
Fri, Jun 26 Berks County is now green.
Fri, Jun 19 Governor Wolf has announced that Berks Conty will achieve Green status next Friday, 6/26.
Tue, Jun 9 I was able to restock the bar by actually going inside FWGS.
Wed, Jun 03 It has now been 100 days since my last haircut and beard trim. Normally, it looks like Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park. Now, it's more Duck Dynasty, headed for Albus Dumbledore!
Wed, May 27 WDW announced plans to re-open July 11th/15th.
Mon, Apr 27 The governor of Pennsylvania opened the remaining liquor stores for curbside pickup of telephone orders.
Mon, Apr 20 The governor of Pennsylvania opened a handful of liquor stores for curbside pickup of telephone orders, but they can't handle the load.
Wed, Apr 15 We cancelled the July cruise to the New England Islands and moved it to next July.
Sun, Apr 12 Kate reports Pennsylvania schools will not reopen until the fall and I cancelled our trip to Tennessee to see Patsy.
Sun, Apr 05 Following the guidelines from the President's Task Force, we're going to stay home for the next 2 weeks, eschewing lunch takeout and even the grocery store.
Tue, Mar 31 We're going to begin Tuesday/Thursday lunch takeout.
Mon, Mar 30 President Trump extended Social Distancing through the month of April
Mon, Mar 23 Governor Wolf closed PA schools for two more weeks.
Wed, Mar 18 On the CAC website, DOE has directed the postponement of the 2020 tournament.
Sun, Mar 15 News reports the advance of Covid-19 and we have decided to “hunker down.” We are canceling most everything that takes us out of the house and setting reminders to re-schedule these activities after this crisis has peaked.
Fri, Mar 13 In the afternoon, we watched the President’s press conference declaring a national emergency for Covid-19. Kate reports schools will be closed for 2 weeks and the remainder of Leo’s Legally Blonde shows have been canceled.
Thu, Mar 12 I cancelled our CAC trip. Linda and Jerry have canceled for Easter and will advise Brian/Amy to do the same.
Tue, Mar 10 After lunch at Brickstone's, we have decided to curtail lunches out until this crisis has passed.