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At 0446, itís 72 in Providence, RI. We had a very nice breakfast buffet in the hotel and then were swab-tested by the cruise line for Covid. At 0945, 24 of us boarded a minibus for a tour of Providence. I had a lemon ice at one of the stops. We learned, during the tour, that we were meeting the boat, not in Providence, as scheduled, but in Falls River, MA, southeast of Providence. We arrived just in time for a nice lunch of Seafood Salad and Blueberry Pie. At 1330, we departed Falls River, headed for New Bedford, MA. Following a safety and orientation meeting, we returned to the room for naps. About 4, we cleared the coastal areas and headed out into the Atlantic. This resulted in a series of pitches and rolls that lasted for almost 2 hours until we, again, reached protected waters, turning north towards New Bedford. Navigating the hallways to cocktail hour was difficult, but I persevered even though Lyd decided to stay in the room. I had French Onion Soup and an excellent lamb shank, followed by strawberry rhubarb pie. I took a piece of pie back for Lyd, but she didnít want it. At 2120, itís 70 in New Bedford, MA.