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Chernabog, the evil ruler of the Bald Mountain, has duped one of the characters into stealing a Disney Artifact and hiding it in one of the countries of World Showcase.
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For encounter #34/86, the lineup was:
Team 1: LindaCruella de Ville
Team 2: Julia & MattScar
Team 3: JerryBig Bad Wolf
Team 4: BeckyGaston
Observer: Charlene
EPCOT Clue #34/86 kicked off at 15:00 with four teams. At 1609, with suggestion #35, Jerry correctly accused The Big Bad Wolf (himself) of hiding Captain Hook’s Hook in the United Kingdom. With Clue Master at WDW next week, we’ll close out the 2021/2022 Clue Season on June 25th.
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