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Chernabog, the evil ruler of the Bald Mountain, has duped one of the characters into stealing a Disney Artifact and hiding it in one of the countries of World Showcase.
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For encounter #35/87, the lineup will be:
Team 1: LindaCruella de Ville
Team 2: Julia & MattScar
Team 3: JerryBig Bad Wolf
Team 4: BeckyGaston
Team 5: DarleneRed Queen
Observer: Charlene
EPCOT Clue 35/87, finishing the 2nd season, was the longest and bloodiest match of the season. Lasting an hour and 43 minutes and 47 suggestions, it finally ended with Jerry picking up win #3 with Stromboli hiding Poppin’s Umbrella in Italy. Though Stromboli and the Umbrella were locked in, Becky fell first with Norway. Linda fell accusing the American Adventure, and Julia and Matt missed with United Kingdom. With too many out next week, I postponed our third season kickoff until July 9th.
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