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<<< June 12-19, 2024 >>>
Our 7th Family Holiday at WDW.
Tue, May 14 I requested Chris, from Mears Transportation, to ferry us between MCO and BLT.
Mon, May 13 I requested Sonia, from Andrews Transportation, to ferry us between home and PHL.
Sat, Apr 13 I completed our ADR for WDW in June, and Citricos confirmed our Sommelier Room dinner on June 15th. The park tickets for the kids arrived.
Fri, Apr 12 Kate came over and we set a lot of the dining/park plans for June. I secured our park reservations.
Fri, Apr 5 6-day park tickets were purchased for SKDL.
Thu, Nov 30 I completed our flight arrangements.
Thu, Aug 10 An email from the proprietor of Citricos confirmed our sommelier request for June 15th.
Sat, Jul 22 I wrote to the e-dress supplied by V&A to ask for the Sommelier Room on June 15th.
Wed, Jul 12 I completed a reservation at WDW:BLT Lake View for 20240612-20240619.
Sun, Jul 9 I wrote to Boris asking for the Sommelier Room on June 15th.
Wed, Mar 8
With the 2023-2024 School Calendar approved, we have proposed June 12 through June 19, 2024 for our family holiday at WDW and Kate agreed.