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We're going to Wyomissing for birthday celebrations for Kate, Dominic and Leo.
Friday: We left the house at 0844 and left Weeping Willow a little after 9. After stopping at Chick-fil-A, we headed north. As usual, I took over the wheel just south of Dover and on into Wyomissing, arriving just before 1. Dominic is at school, and Salís working in the basement. We played with Leo until he went up for his nap. Dominicís bus brought him to the bus stop a little before 4 and we were all invited up the block for popsicles. Sal grilled salmon for dinner. Both boys are coughing and, apparently, fighting colds. They opened Star Wars birthday gifts before going to bed.
Saturday: Neither the boys nor Kate and Sal slept well and the boys are still coughing. They played some with the big keyboard and Dominic went to his swimming lesson while Leo and Kate waked up the street to check on the critter of out-of-town neighbors. A little after 10, it was decided to cancel the birthday celebrations as most of the family were tired and they were reluctant to expose others to possible cold germs. Lunch was deli sandwiches. Most of the family (including both of us) took naps while we had a light rain through the afternoon. Sal picked up a pair of pizzas and some salad for dinner. We finished with a nice ice cream cake.
Sunday: At 0619, we were up and dressed. We left at 0700 and pulled in, with Buddy, at 1045. There was paving on the Blue Route, but it didnít slow us down.
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