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Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo will be here for the weekend.
Friday: We made Crab Imperial for dinner, which Kate and Sal finished when they arrived, with the boys, at 2222. A gentle rain had started to fall. At 2350, itís 44.
Saturday: At 0636, itís 48 with a gentle rain falling. Dominic followed us down, and Kate and Leo soon appeared. With the gentle rain still coming down, Margaret elected not to join us for dinner. Sal and the boys played with the trains in the loft. We drove down to How Sweet It Is and bought some goodies. From there we went on to Sakura for lunch. In the afternoon, Lyd and Kate went to Vernon Powell for their traditional shopping spree. The kids watched 101 Dalmatians and we then had Shrimp Jambalaya for dinner. After the boys went to bed, Sal and Kate watched Birdman.
Sunday: We all watched Toy Story 2 before having deli sandwiches for lunch. SKDL left about 1300.
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