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Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo were here for the weekend.
Friday: SKDL arrive around 2200.
Saturday, SKDL went to the zoo. We met at Sakura at noon for lunch. From there, Maudie and Kate went shopping and I went to my matinee and closing show. I got home at 5:30 and Sal and I grilled in the rain. In the evening, we watched Interstellar (They didn't understand it either.)
Sunday We learned that sometime in the night, Sal felt sick and Kate fetched "the bucket." While Maudie went to her mom's, Kate and I finished the FastPasses for our June Disney trip. Sal came down at 1, grayish/green in pallor and they left for home. Kate sent an email when they arrived to report that Leo was also sick and the car will need to be professionally cleaned(!). Lyd and I have not (yet) developed any symptoms. We'll see. We had leftovers for dinner, and at 2102, it was 54.