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At 0535 PDT, itís 64 on our 43rd anniversary. The sunís up, such as it is, as there is still a lot of smoke in the air. At 0700, we went down to ARC Restaurant, in the hotel, for breakfast. I had the breakfast buffet, which was expansive, though, at $34, also expensive. Lew had Eggs Benedict Salmon Florentine (24). I wore my Disney suspenders, prompting a nice chat with Christina, an ARC server and previous Disney World Cast Member. We sent a few postcards to the boys and hit an ATM to get Canadian cash. A visit to the Concierge Desk confirmed our decision to experience FlyOver Canada and a pair of 10% coupons for that attraction. At 1000 we crossed the street to Canada Place, home to the Canada Welcome Centre, Cruise Ship Terminal, and, our destination, FlyOver Canada. We purchased our tickets ($21 for seniors) and walked out to the end of the pier, just short of the cruise departure facility. I took the elevator, while Lew climbed the stairs to the 3rd level and the entrance. We had tickets to the 1000 show of about 70 people. First came a multimedia show of about 6 minutes, which was very entertaining, of scenes of Canada. Entry into the theatre is accomplished by assigning each person to a spot on the floor in numbered columns. They correspond to the seats in the rows in the theater. Upon entry into the theater, we each fastened our seat belts. Our row of seats was lifted and pushed forward into a wrap-around screen. The ride itself is a simulation of a hang-glider, with the addition of wind, and, when appropriate a little spray of moisture. The experience lasts about 20 minutes. For those who have experienced Soariní at any of the Disney Parks, the experience is nearly identical, though, Iíll risk the ire of the ghost of Walt, and say FlyOver Canada is better. Still suffering the jet lag of yesterdayís flights, we returned to the room. At 1430, an anniversary goodies plate arrived from Fresh Tracks Canada. Dinner was at 1900 at Five Sails Restaurant.
A very
smoky sunrise
ARC Restaurant in the hotel
Breakfast Breakfast
Canada Place
is a
No Drone Zone
FlyOver Canada
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