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At 0645, its raining. At 0716, were running close to 60 mph with an ETA at Capreol of about 0900, about 9 hours behind schedule. We arrived in Capreol at 0910 and the doors were opened to allow a leg stretch. At 0945, we are again rolling south. At 1040, we are at Sudbury. At 1200, we answered first call for lunch. Whereas the crew had not planned on serving lunch, there was no printed menu. In addition to glasses of Riesling, we both had the reprise of the tomato vegetable soup. Lew chose chicken skewers and I had the pulled pork open face. We finished with a lemon cake dessert At 1330 we went back to the room for a nap, interrupted by a robocall on my phone (we're back in cell service range) at 1445. I went back to the Park Car. We pulled into Toronto at about 1800. Staff put our carry-on on the platform and we rolled them up to the station and down to the concourse. We followed the signs to baggage claim until we caught the attention of station staff who took us to the area where the Prestige bags were found. We rolled our bags across the street to the Fairmont Royal York where we enlisted a bellman to take them inside. We checked in and went to 11-173, a lovely room with a king-sized bed. Lew waited for the bellman with the bags while I attempted, unsuccessfully, to secure our boarding passes for Friday. We walked through valet parking to the bank building and rode to the 54th floor and Canoe Restaurant.