Welsh <<< Longhorn Steakhouse >>> 2018
Tom selected Longhorn Steakhouse for Thursday's lunch. Lew started with Red Rock Malbec (6.99 & 9.49) and I had Iced Tea (2.99). I started with Wild West Shrimp (9.49) appetizer. For her entrée, Lew chose the 5oz filet with Lobster Tail (27.49). I picked the 12oz Ribeye (18.49) with a fat baked potato.
Having visited the website before arriving, we already knew what we wanted, and the server recognized that we needed no suggestions. The drinks and appetizer came out promptly and the server also recognized that we were in no hurry and did not rush us. The food was cooked to perfection and we were quite pleased. I published a review to Trip Advisor.
Wild West
Filet &
Lobster Tail
Ribeye 12oz