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EPCOT opens at 8 for those of us staying on property and we'll be there at "rope drop." We'll go to Spaceship Earth, Imagination and Pixar on standby before our first FastPass at Soarin'. We're going to have a light lunch of fast food before heading back to the room for naps. The light lunch is in preparation for our 1815 reservation at Victoria and Albert's for dinner.
At 0616, itís 54 in Bay Lake Tower at Walt Disney World. We left the room around 0730 and arrived at EPCOT about 0830, 30 minutes before the rest of the guests were admitted. We went directly to Spaceship Earth and walked right in. From there we went to Journey into Imagination and were alone on our multi-car train. At the Pixar 3-D movies there were about a dozen in the theatre. With Soariní showing a stand-by time of 35 minutes, our fastpasses took less than 5 minutes. By this time, we had completed our planned itinerary for the morning and returned to the room with temperatures still below 60. At 1221, American Airlines called to tell us they had Lewís iPad. We will secure it before Mondayís departure. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the room. At 1715, we took the monorail to the Grand Floridian and Victoria and Albertís. On the monorail back to BLT, Lew gave her rose to a young lady. At 2200, itís 51.
Space Ship
Imagination Imagination Imagination