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Early Magic Hours will have us at the Magic Kingdom at 0800 for RopeDrop, where we expect to join up with Mike and Andrea Akers. We have an 1150 reservation for lunch at the Skippers' Canteen. We'll return to the room for naps before heading to our 1855 dinner reservation at Narcoossee's.
At 0600, itís 52. We left the room and walked over to the Magic Kingdom, and by 0750, we were in the park, thanks to Early Magic Hours, afforded to guest staying on-property. At 0810, Mike and Andrea Akers arrived, having been caught in the security screening traffic jam. We wandered up to the hub and were turned right into Tomorrowland. We rode the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which was a bit chilly, and then went to the Carousel of Progress. We walked back through Fantasyland, stopping at A Small World before going into the Haunted Mansion. From there it was the Hall of The Presidents, which was a rewarding experience. We then picked up Country Bear Jamboree before heading to the Skippers Canteen for lunch. After lunch, we considered the Pirates of The Caribbean, but itís closed for refurbishment, so we parted ways with a promise to do this again in November. We headed back to the room for naps. At 1800, we left the room for the monorail over to the Grand Floridian and the stroll out to Narcoosseeís. The fireworks started as we returned to the monorail and the trip back to Bay Lake Tower. At 2100, itís 62.
Andrea, Lew, Mike & Tom
HOTP-Lincoln HOTP HOTP-Trump
The Hall of The Presidents
Country Bear Jamboree