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Hollywood Studios opens at 0900 and we expect to be there for "rope-drop." We'll go straight to Star Tours and repeat and use a Fast Pass to repeat again. We have an 1115 Fast Pass to Frozen. Lunch is at 1205 at the Hollywood Brown Derby. Then it's back to the room to rest. Dinner is at 1855 at Narcoossee's in the Grand Floridian.
At 0631, its 60o at Walt Disney World and were headed for Hollywood Studios in a light rain. The metal detectors are more sensitive this trip, and my suspender clips are triggering them. We went directly to Star Tours where we were 1) confronted by Vader, 2) jumped to the ice planet, 3) were missioned by Leia; 4) send to the asteroid belt and then welcomed back at HQ as heroes. We immediately entered Star Tours again: 1) Confronted by Vader; 2) jumped to the ice planet; 3) missioned by Yoda; 4) sent to the Gungan City under Naboo and finally crashed into a hanger where we bent the nose of a fighter and the pilot threw yellow pain on our view screen. Having decided that twice was enough, we traveled down the hill to Muppet 4-D, but it was closed. We went back to Walt Disney Presents and saw the preview for the new Dumbo. From there it was on to the Frozen Sing Along, where, thanks to the scooter, we were in the front row. Then it was on to lunch at Hollywood Brown Derby. With the rain finished, we headed back to the room for naps. We left the room at 1815 for the monorail over to the Grand Floridian and dinner at Narcoossee's.
Frozen Frozen
Frozen Sing Along