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With Buddy in the kennel the day before, AA4980 departs SBY at 0600, headed for Philadelphia (PHL), arriving at 0658, though it's really about a 20 minute flight. AA1993 departs at 0810 headed for Orlando, arriving at 1041. We expect to be met by Chris Peters, of Mears Transportation, who will take us to Bay Lake Tower at WDW. We have reserved a studio apartment facing the Magic Kingdom. Following check-in, we'll pick up my scooter and head for the Wave Lounge for a snack and a drink. At 1845, we have dinner reservations at Citricos.
At 0430, itís 37. With Buddy in the kennel the previous afternoon, we beat the 0430 alarm. A check revealed the 3-5 inches of snow expected at PHL, had moved farther north and all of our flights showed an on-time status. We departed the house at 0515 for the uneventful drive to SBY. Both check-in and security were easy, and, soon after, we boarded. At 0618, we were wheels up on runway 32 and landed at 0647 on 27R. A text from Chris informed us that our connecting flight from Hartford, CT, had been cancelled, but another assigned in its place. We took the shuttle to the "A" terminal and had egg sandwiches (5) with juice before settling in at A11 for AA1993. At 0845, we boarded the A319 and took seats 2D and 2F, and promptly ordered a scotch and soda for Lew and a bourbon and ginger for me, to enjoy while boarding continued. We pushed back at 0912 and were wheels up at 0930 on runway 27L. Steven was the flight attendant and, in addition to a second round of drinks, he brought us a turkey and American brie sandwich that was quite good. We landed at 1140. When we went to the restroom, Lew disappeared (different bathroom) and I spent 30 minutes looking for her. Chris was waiting, as was our luggage and we were at BLT in Room 7918 just before 1300. We secured my scooter from the bell station and went to the Wave Lounge for drinks. Around 6, we left the room for the walk to the monorail and then the resort monorail over to the Grand Floridian and Citricos. We returned to the room with about 4 minutes to spare before the beginning of the fireworks show over the castle. At 2034, itís 71 at Bay Lake Tower.
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