Home Buddy's Journal 2019
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It's March 20, 2019, the first day of spring. Flowers are starting to bloom and there are more birds, but they don't bother me much. The house is full of boxes as Mom continues to pack for our move to Pennsylvania. We lost my pal Banner, the Corgi who lives down the street. We were both at Weeping Willow Spa last week while my mom and dad were at Disney. Banner had something go wrong inside him and he's gone. I'm sad.
It's the first of April, a day some people call April Fools' Day. I don't understand. A lot of people were here today and a man with a flashlight looked all over the house inspecting, or something. I barked at all of them and they soon left. The house is full of boxes.
It's April 15th; something called Tax Day. Dad got home yesterday from his convention down at Disney World where he had fun. When Mom went up to bed, I stayed on the sofa next to Dad. When he went up, I stayed on the sofa. Oh, wow, what is that. Oh Oh! Thunder. I went upstairs and got on the bed so Dad could protect me from the storms. The windows are open and we heard the weather warning sirens at the college. I don't like that!
April 22: I got to spend my last vacation at Weeping Willow. Mom and Dad went up to Wyomissing for Easter and to buy our new house. My friend, Banner, was here, too, and we played together. One night, he didn't feel good and they took him away. He didn't come back.
May 1: I'm barking up a storm, but no one's listening. There are four guys in the house and they're stealing everything and putting it into two big trucks. Why is no one listening to me? OK, we went for a ride in the car. A really long ride. Mom gave me a hamburger. Then she and I slept in a new house; really empty, just a bed for Mom.
May 2: Another ride in the car and I got a new doctor. Dr. Jamie sat on the floor while she checked me out and then I spent the night in a new resort
May 3: Kate and Mom took me back to the empty house. Wow, it's not empty anymore; we got all our stolen stuff back. I think I'm gonna' like it here as there's all kinds of new smells in the backyard.
It's early June and I like this place. There's a big place of grass outside my fence. Mom calls it the swail. Anyway, I think there's something that lives out in the swail that smells really interesting. I like to go out first thing in the morning and hunt for it, but when i howl (I AM a beagle), Mom says I have to come in.
Wednesday, June 5th: Mom and I took our normal walk after breakfast. Whoa! What is THAT? A big animal came out of the swail on one side of the street and ran into the other side and disappeared. Mom says it was a deer! I've never seen one of those before. I wanted to chase it, but Mom wouldn't let go of the leash.
June 14th: The construction guys came to talk about som electrical work, so Mom put me in the backyard so I wouldn't be in the way. The back yard is a lot roomier since the tree guys took down all those limbs. Whoa, this is interesting. The gate near the driveway blew open. I think I'll go out and look around. I walked around in the front yard. I'm usually not allowed to do that without Mom. I went a few houses up the street and met a man walking a really little dog. He asked me to follow him back to my house. When I got there, Mom was really upset, but I don't know why.
June 18: We went for a ride in the car and I'm going to a new resort. It's the same place as Dr. Moran. Jaimi is my new friend and plays with me.