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June , 2019
|≤ <<< Saturday, June 22, 2019 >>> ≥|
Saturday takes us to the Animal Kingdom, where, once again, we get in at 0800 with Early Magic Hours. We'll go directly to the Flight of Passage in Pandora on Standby and then do the same at the Safarai. We have Fastpasses for the Festival of The Lion King's 1100 show. Lunch for the six of us will be at the Rain Forest Cafe. There are 1315 FP for Dinosaur and 1435 FP at Flight of Passage, but, once again, Lew and I will return to the room for a little rest. Around 1900, we're all going up to the Top of the World for a light dinner. At 2115, Kate, the boys and I will board the Pirate Cruise for dessert and the fireworks.
At 0650, itís 77o. We left a few minutes after 7 for the bus to Animal Kingdom. We thought Magic Hours started at 8, but they really started at 7, so Avatarís Flight of Passage wait was already at 50 minutes when we arrived at the park just before 8. By the time we got in and made it back to Pandora, the wait had risen to 90 minutes, so we skipped and went back to the Safarai ride and entered with no wait. Sal and the boys went to the Dinosaur Playground and Lyd, Kate and I went in search of the Up Bird Adventure, but it was scheduled for later in the day. We enjoyed the bird encounter on Discovery Island and then Itís Tough To Be a Bug before rejoining the family for the 1100 Festival of The Lion King. Leo was selected, once again, to participate in the Finale. We went on to the Rainforest Cafť for lunch. Following lunch, D returned to the room with us. He and Lydia went down to the Community Room for video games and I took a nap. They soon returned with ďUpĒ to watch. SKL stayed behind and used their Fast Passes for the Dinosaur ride and then Flight of Passage, returning to the room at 1700. Then it was down to the pool for SDL.