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September 23: Dad says it's the first day of Autumn. I'm not sure what that means, but it is cooler in the morning when I want to go out and hunt in the back yard. I really want to hunt in the front yard, because Dad's cameras prove what I knew all along. Deer!
Mom and Dad are going to Canada, so I'm spending 2 weeks at the Doggie Hotel.
October 7: Mom and Dad are home from their trip to Canada and it's time for me to go home, too. Dr. Jamie gave me a rabies thingy, I think. It's good to be back in my own home.
November 12: I spent another week with Dr. Jamie and her staff while Mom and Dad went down to Disney. They tell me that's my last time at the doggie hotel for 2019. It's getting cold out these days, so there are a lot of fresh sniffs in the air when I go outside and most of the leaves are gone from the trees.