Home Buddy's Journal 2019
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December 22: Dad says it's the first day of Winter. I'm not sure what that means, but it is cold in the morning when I want to go out and hunt in the back yard. The house is all decorated for Christmas. I don't go upstairs very much, any more, cause it's hard. Unless there's a storm and I go up and sleep in the closet. Most nights I sleep on the library sofa. I get up around 5 and bark at the bottom of the steps and Mom comes down and takes me out.
March: Mom and Dad went back to Disney and I went to the doggy resort. Kate and her family brought me home on Saturday so I wouldn't have to spend two more days in the resort since they're not open on Sunday. Boy am I glad to be home. The clocks changed, so it's lighter, later in the afternoon and warmer, so it's more fun to go out in the backyard and hunt.
March 9: Mom took me upstairs on the leash (not a good sign). Oh, man, she took me in the new shower and gave me a bath It's not fun, but, after it's done, I am rather fluffy. Next time I go in the back yard, I'll find something to roll in so I don't smell like soap!