Home Buddy's Journal 2020
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It's the first day of Spring, 2020. There are lots of birds singing outside. I'd like to taste one, but they're too fast. Mom and Dad were supposed to go back down to Disney next month, but something called Covid-19 is messing up everybody's plans and making people sick. Speaking of sick, I still cough a lot when I drink water, but Mom says I'm doing OK and have outlived what Dr. Mike told us two years ago . I don't go upstairs very often as the stairs are hard, unless there's a storm, then I go up and hide in the closet, so Dad can protect me from the storm.
April 8th: Wow, last night was bad. There was a bad storm, with lots of light flashes and cloud booms. It's hard to go upstairs, but I did so Dad could protect me from those flashes and noises. Mostly, when I sleep upstairs, I go in the closet. Last night, I slept on the floor right next to Dad. I'd like to get on the bed, but it's too high and Mom can't pick me up anymore. She got up to let me go out and pee, but I wasn't movin' until Dad got up, I hate storms.
Saturday, April 18th. It rained last night, and I slept in the closet again. This morning, it was wet when I went ouside. I found some earthworms and tried to get them, but they were too quick for me and dove down in the wet dirt. When I came in, Mom was not in a good mood, but she seemed to feel better after she cleaned my feet and vacuumed the kitchen. I don't understand.
May 21: I'm kinda' liking this Covid-19 thing Mom and Dad keeping talking about. We're all at home, everyday, and Mom doesn't go anywhere. Today, they took me for a ride in the car. Oh phooey, it was to get my toenails cut. It doesn't really hurt, but I howl a lot so they'll think it does.