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Rope Drop at Hollywood Studios is at 0900. We'll start with Stand By at Star Tours and then use our fast passes for a repeat trip. We have a Fast Pass at 1050 at Toy Story Midway Mania and then will go through Star Wars Galaxy to the Muppets 3-D Lunch is at 1200 at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. After R&R, dinner is at 1855. upstairs, at the California Grill.
At 0650, it’s 63 at Bay Lake Tower. At 0730, we left the room and headed down to the bus lane. At 0745, a bus to Hollywood Studios arrived. We hit the park a few minutes after the 0800 rope drop and proceeded directly to Star Tours. On our first ride in Gate C, we were accosted by Darth Vader and escaped to the Wookie Planet. Admiral Akbar told us about the spy on board and we blasted through an asteroid belt, narrowly escaping a sonic bomb. We were welcomed back as heroes. We went right back in and took the same back road to Gate C. This time, we were stopped by a security droid, but blasted our way out and jumped to the Planet Hoth. After being hologramed by Yoda, we went to Naboo and crashed into the ocean. We went through the planet core and surfaced. We skidded into a maintenance hanger and our view screen was smashed by a fighter’s nose. Two trips through Star Tours was enough. We took in the Little Mermaid, and then the Muppet 3D before working our way through the Star Wars area and into Toy Story Land. We enjoyed Toy Story Mania, where I finally beat Lew by 106,000 to 93,000. We went through Walt Disney’s story and saw a preview for Onward. From there, it was across the park to 50's Prime Time Cafe. We came back to the room for rest and relaxation. At 1830, we walked down to the 2nd floor to check in for the California Grill. We made it back to the room for the bulk of the fireworks and, at 2110, it was 77.
Star Tours
Back Hall
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Voyage of the Little Mermaid