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The Plan: Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom is at 0900. We'll go back to the Safarai ride and then use our FastPasses for the Festival of The Lion King. Lunch is at Nomad Lounge. After R&R, we're meeting Mark Evans at Enchanted Rose Lounge for drinks and, then, dinner is at 1905 at Citricos.
At 0620, it’s 67o and foggy at Bay Lake Tower. We left the room and headed for the bus zone. A bus for Animal Kingdom was already loaded, but the driver made room for us, and my scooter. We entered the park close to 9 and went directly to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. The standby entrance warned of a 55-minute wait, but it was only about 40 minutes before we boarded our tour truck. Kristen was an excellent driver. She had to admonish several riders, in several languages, to stay in their seats. From there we proceeded back to the Festival of the Lion King and the fast-pass entrance. We were first in line and in the front row of the “Lion Section” for the always-excellent show. I thought the leader was a little weak in articulation and “The Gift” a little flat. We proceeded to Nomad Lounge arriving shortly after its 1130 opening. After lunch, we returnied to the room for a little Rest and Relaxation. Just before 4, while working on the laptop, I saw something fall between the Contemporary 4th floor and the loading area below. It was the size and shape of a person, though no extremities were visible. It landed with an audible “thud.” I thought nothing more of it until about 1615 when lots of emergency vehicles began to assemble. Though I had seen very little, “See something; Say something” took hold and I went down to report what little I knew. It seemed I was the only known eyewitness. Disney security took my statement and it was moved up channels, repeated frequently, through Todd, the Contemporary Resort Duty Manager, and Diane Petit, GM of the Contemporary, finally reaching the Orange County Sheriff’s deputies in charge of the investigation. They kept me for interviews and a written statement until well past our 1700 appointment for drinks, with Mark Evans. With all transportation shut down and traffic snarled, Todd provided us with Sammy to drive us over to the Grand Floridian and our dinner at Citricos, an hour past our reserved time. When we finished dinner, with the monorails still down, we took the available bus back to the Contemporary, disembarking in front of the Convention Center as the loading zone is still under security. At 2210, it’s 79o.
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Festival of the Lion King