Welsh Family Kitchen
Stewed Chicken
This produces several quarts of cooked chicken, light and dark, and several quarts of chicken stock.
1 large Roaster Chicken (7-10 pounds)
1 bunch scallions
2-3 carrots
several celery stalks with leaves
1 head of garlic
Clean the bird and reserve the giblets for the dog.
Peel and coarsley chop the veggies.
Immerse in a large stock pot in sufficient cold water to cover.
Raise to a boil, reduce heat to simmer.
Cook for around 3 hours, skimming off the foam, peridically.
When finished, the chicken will literally be falling off the carcass.
Reserve the liquid, strain and freeze as chicken stock.
Chill the chicken and then cut into desired slices and/or chunks for immediate use or for freezing.
2017-10-28: 3 Quarts of light and dark chicken; and 6 quarts of chicken stock
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