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Please enjoy some of our favorite recipes, found in other places, as we don't recommend these. It's possible the ingredients were bad or procedures not properly followed, but listed below are those that just didn't work, at least not for us and you will not find them in the index.
If you have something to offer of a change in a recipe or another you'd like to see published, write to me.
Apple-Onion Soup
Asparagus Soup
Asparagus Terrine
Avocado-Gazpacho Soup
Beef Blue Cheese Salad
Calf Liver, Portuguese
Chicken, Creamed, over Biscuits
Pork Ribs, Braised
Pork Milanese
Greek-Style Leg of Lamb
Quiche, Sausage Mushroom
Sauerkraut, Best Ever
Shrimp, Thai Coconut
Tilapia Compote
Zucchihi Mushroom Salad