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Please enjoy some of our favorite recipes. Some of them have not yet been tried and a lot are copied from other folks. After all, the best recipes are copied/adapted from others. If you have something to offer of a change in a recipe or another you'd like to see published, write to me.
Bacon and Eggs Spaghetti
Beef Bourguignon
Beef Brisket, Corned
Beef Brisket, Elaine's
Beef, Crispy Orange
Beef Liver
Beef Lombardi
Beef Short Ribs
Beef & Noodles
Beef Stew
Beef Stroganov
Beef Tenderloin
Brats and Kraut
Brats & Onions
Breakfast Pizza
Brunch Casserole, Overnight Sausage
Calf's Liver
Canadian Bacon
Cannoli Al Funghi
Catfish, Fried
Chicken Almond Coconut w/Mustard Sauce
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Cannelloni Red Bell Pepper Sauce
Chicken Casserole, Elaine's
Chicken Citrus
Chicken Coconut
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Layered
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rolled
Chicken Divan
Chicken Enchiladas
Chicken Fingers
Chicken, Franese
Chicken, Fried
Chicken, Garlic Anchovy
Chicken Honey Cashew
Chicken Honey-Pecan
Chicken Imperial
Chicken, Kung Pao
Chicken Livers
Chicken Marengo
Chicken Marsala
Chicken, Lemon Stir-fry
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Paprika
Chicken in Patty Shells
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Piccata
Chicken Pomodoro
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken, Roasted (garlic)
Chicken, Roasted 2
Chicken Salad, Asian
Chicken Salad, Baked
Chicken Scampi
Chicken, Stewed
Chicken Tetrazzini
Chicken Thigh, Gunther
Chili, Kate's Easy
Chili, Tom's
Chow Mein
Cobb Salad
Coconut Chicken
Coq au vin
Coquille St. Jacques
Corned Beef Brisket - Baked
Corned Beef Brisket - Boiled
Corned Beef Brisket - Sous Vide
Cornish Hens, Fried
Cornish Hens, Roasted
Crab Cakes
Crab Imperial
Crab Norfolk
Crab Pasta Bechemel
Crab Salad
Crab, Snow
Crabs, Steamed Blue
Crepes, Dinner
Cube Steak, Sunday
Duck Breasts
Duck Breasts, Braised
Eggs, Baked in Hash Brown Cups
Eggs Benedict
Egg Foo Young
Eggplant Parmesan
Eggs Frontenac
Eggs, Poached
Fajitas, Steak
Filet Mignon, Blue Cheese
Flounder, Oil Poached
Fry Day
Greek Meatballs
Ham-and-Chicken Medley, Creamy
Imperial Twins
Lamb Albondiga
Lamb Chops, Grilled
Lamb Chops, Roasted w/ Mint
Lamb Kefta
Lamb Leg, Boneless
Lamb Leg, Butter flied
Lamb Leg Rosemary and Garlic Roast
Lamb Loin Roast
Lamb Shanks, Berbere Braised
Lamb Shank Sous Vide
Lamb Stew
Lamb Top Round Herb Jus
Lamb Top Round Roast
Lobster Louie
Lobster Mac-N-Gouda
Lobster Tails, Broiled
Lobster Tails, Steamed
London Broil
London Broil, Marinated
Meatloaf, Bobby Flay's
Meatloaf, Our Best
New England Boiled Dinner
Omelet Bar
Osso Buco
Oysters Clairmont
Oysters, Fried
Oysters, Roasted
Pasta & Clam Sauce
Pasta Pesto
Penne, Four-Cheese with Peas and Ham
Pork Chops, Chinese
Pork Chops, Smothered
Pork Francaise
Pork, Cider-Roasted Tenderloin
Pork, Crispy
Pork Clairmont
Pork Grecian Cubes
Pork, Kung Pao
Pork Marsala
Pork, Peachy Picante
Pork Picatta
Pork, Pickled
Pork Ribs, Memphis
Pork Ribs, Sauerkraut
Pork Roast, (Ann)
Pork Saltimbocca
Pork Schnitzel
Pork Spareribs [BEST]
Pork, Sweet & Sour
Pork Tenderloin Steaks
Pork Tenderloin Roast
Portobello Mushroom Burgers
Pot Roast, Liberty Tree Tavern
Pot Roast with Sweet & Sour Cabbage
Quiche Lorraine
Ravioli, Fried
Red Beans and Rice
Red Snapper with Jalapeņo Lime Sauce
Ribeye Steaks
Rib Roast
Ropa Vieja
Salmon, Bourbon-Glazed
Salmon Loaf
Salmon, Pan-Seared
Salmon Salad
Salmon in Scotch and Shiitake Sauce
Salmon Squares
Salmon, Teriyaki
Sausage & Goat Cheese Pasta
Sausage and Red Peppers
Sausage with Creamy Tomatoes and Penne
Scallops and Artichokes
Scallops, Bacon
Scallops, Baked
Scallop Broil
Scallop Casserole, Baked
Scallop Scampi
Seafood Newburg
Shepherd's Pie
Short Rib Pot Pie
Shrimp, Boiled
Shrimp, Coconut
Shrimp Cognac
Shrimp Creole
Shrimp Drambuie
Shrimp Fettuccini
Shrimp Jambalaya
Shrimp Newburg
Shrimp, Pancho Villa
Shrimp, Panko
Shrimp, Pepper
Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp Scampi, Baked
Shrimp Scallop Scampi
Shrimp Sous Vide
Spareribs, Cherry Cola
Steak Diane
Steak Fajitas
Steak Madagascar
Swiss Steak
Taco Crescent Ring
Tilapia Compote
Tilapia Francaise ala' Lydia
Tilapia Parmesan Encrusted
Tomgolian BBQ
Tomgolian Duck
Tortellini Carbonara
Tuna Poke Bowl
Tuna, Seared
Veal Francaise
Veal Francaise ala' Lydia
Veal Marsala
Veal Picatta
Veal Saltimbocca
Wiener Schnitzel
Wings, Asian Sticky