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The Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb Salad
The classic Cobb Salad is the most-requested entree at The Hollywood Brown Derby. The story goes that in 1937, owner Bob Cobb and theater magnate Sid Grumman prowled the restaurant's kitchen for a midnight snack, resulting in this salad that Grumman ordered again the next day. It became an overnight sensation. At the WDW Hollywood Studios Brown Derby, at lunch, this is served as an entree and easily serves two. At dinner, the same portion is a side salad!
The previous version was modified in May, 2016. This is our current version.
4 cups Romaine lettuce
4 cups parsely
1 cup watercress
.5 lb deli turkey
2-3 plum tomatoes
.5 cup red onion
1 avocado
.5 cup feta cheese bleu cheese
6 strips crumbled bacon
3 hard cooked eggs (w/o yolks)
2 T fresh chives [Optional]
Good Season's Italian
Chop/dice everything else and refrigerate in individual containers, saving the avocado for last. To finish, add all the ingredients to a large bowl and toss well.
The dressing should be added to the individual servings, and NOT to the bowl.
2024-03-17: I used the food processor which was a mistake that wonít be repeated.
2023-10-16: I used some leftover pork tenderloin which was a mistake.
2023-06-03: No watercress, again, and I eliminated the egg yolks. Next time, if I canít get watercress, eliminate the arugula and do 4 bunches of parsley. It still works well with the Good season Italian.
2022-08-27: With no watercress, the produce staff at the market recommended arugula. The avocado was way too hard to use. The rest of the arugula went to the patio for the rabbits. I ate off the Cobb all week.
2008-02-03: Added to our cookbook.
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