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Named for the Jacksonville Sister Cities Association (the source of the recipe), and their 7 Sister Cities, this is an inexpensive, easy salad made ahead and dressed at the last minute. First made in the 1990's, Tom took this for office lunches for years before he retired. They never tired of it.
1 3 oz. pack Raman noodles (w/seasoning packet)
1 pack coleslaw mix (The store brand works really well)
1/3 cup raw, shelled, sunflower seeds1
1 pack slivered or sliced almonds
1 bunch Green onions, sliced up about 2 inches from the bottom
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Salad Oil (not olive)
1/2 cup Vinegar (not balsamic)
Smash the Raman noodles into little pieces, inside the bag. (Reserve the seasoning packet for the dressing)
Add the noodles to the next four ingredients and toss well.
In a cruet or a Ziploc bag, make the dressing by combining the sugar, oil, vinegar and the contents of the Raman seasoning packet.
15 minutes before serving, shake the dressing well, add it to the mix, and toss well.
We make this in a Rubbermaid #7: 17 cup container.
This is not good as a leftover. Adding the sauce just before serving coats the salad ingredients, but after a while, soaks into the crisp Raman noodle pieces making them limp and soggy. I've had this on the counter in the office, un-refrigerated, for hours, before adding the dressing.
1Several years ago, a secretary in the school system made this but used unshelled sunflower seeds. Everybody had a small pile of shells on the edge of the plate.
2023-04-10: A double batch was made for Easter Sunday at SKDL.
2022-11-24: Made, at Ann’s request for Thanksgiving Dinner at their house.
2022-07-03: Our contribution to an Independence Day celebration at SKDL.
2022-04-17: Kate’s request for Easter dinner.
2021-11-25: Thanksgiving dinner at Ferrarello’s with SKDL.
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