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At 0630, it's 55. I was downstairs by 0830. At 0900, we began reading the 8 sets and discussing possible answers and identifying any errors in the questions. I read Set 1 to the group, right after lunch, so I skipped the aforementioned lunch. About 1700, we finished reviewing the games, always a tiring experience. I went down to the Gasparilla Island Grill and got a burger. At 1930, we reconvened for what is called “The Dance.” The handouts have been printed, but must still be collated. We take piles and piles of paper and walk around the table assembling the questions sets for the judges. 2000, I returned to the room and prepped for the next day. Lew reports Scott pressure-washed the house. I watched Secretariat on TV and, at 2310, it's 70.
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