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0440: I slipped out of bed without awakening Lew or Buddy, but they came down briefly anyway before returning to bed. I left the house at 0530, eschewing the back roads because of patchy fog and the danger of deer. Check-in and TSA, were easy, though I noted there were some morning cancellations to CLT, as the aircraft couldn't get in last night. At 0615, the Captain started a dialogue with the gate and it became obvious we were facing a hold. Shortly thereafter, they announced a new departure time of 0745, an hour late, and 3/4 of the passengers went to the agent to rebook their connections. I chatted with a deadhead Dash 8 first officer about PHL and learned that runway 35 in PHL has no ILS, so weather forces everything to use 9/27. The ILS at SBY has been down for 2 months. We boarded at 0700 and were wheels up at 0717. We landed on 9R at 0828. By 0900, I found an electric outlet at C28 to wait for my 1030 flight to MCO. At the gate I encountered a family of 2 grandparents, 4 daughters, 4 sons-in-law and 10 grandchildren, all headed for the Art of Animation Resort. We departed on 37L at 1038. I enjoyed a pair of boubon and gingers and a hummus plate. We landed landed early, 1238, and Chris Peters was waiting for me. These flights were better than the mess in March and the debacle earlier in April. Iím in Room 5522 at the Grand Floridian Resort. There is a lovely view of the woods, bisected by the monorail track. Dinner is at Citricos. Following dinner, I returned to the room. I heard the fireworks at 9 and the board parade at 0915, but neither was visible from my room. I went to bed at 2150, with the air off and the windows open.
& Ginger
Room 5522
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