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At 0610, it's 76 and we're headed for Hollywood Studios. We arrived at 0800 Rope Drop and headed for the Great Movie Ride, only to be told that it won't open until 0845, so, it's on to Star Tours. We rode twice: both times being accosted by a droid and jumping to the pod races on Tatooine; being given special orders by BB8 and jumping to Naboo where we dodged the droid control ship's forces and passed through the planet core only to crash into a maintenance shed where, in the first encounter, we were splashed with yellow paint, but in the 2nd had our view screen broken. We returned to the Great Movie Ride and entered the queue at 0840, boarding the car at 0909. At 0940, we entered Toy Story Mania. At 1000, the First Order marched through the park. We returned to Star Tours and watched a Patawan Class before entering the ride for the third time, being accosted by the same droid before jumping to the Wookie Planet. Yoda gave us special order that took us, again, to Naboo, through the planet core to the maintenance shed to be splashed with yellow paint, again. We enjoyed Muppet 3-D. At 1220 we were seated at the Sci Fi Cafe. Following lunch, Lew and I returned to the room while Leo went on to his Patawan training followed by the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. They returned to the room at 1645. Kate and Sal surprised us with a change in plans. Instead of them going to the California Grill this evening, they decided that Kate will take me for Father's Day.