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At 0610, it's 72 and SKDL are already gone. We left the room a few minutes after 7 and the bus was waiting. We proceeded to Animal Kingdom and straight to Pandora. The Na'vi Boat ride wasn't working, so we headed out to the Kilimanjaro Safari. SKDL joined us there, having been on the Banshee ride, and we went back in to the Safari ride for a 2nd trip. We walked over to Dinoland, where the Dinosaur was showing a 30 minute wait. Off to the Boneyard where the boys played. Sal, Kate, Lew and Leo went back to the Dinosaur ride and Dominic and I went on to the Rainforest Café and had a drink at the bar; Panama Punch (10.99) for me and a Coke ICEE for Dominic. At 1130, with the family reunited, we were seated at the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. Following lunch, with reports of Na'vi boat ride back in operation, SKDL headed in that direction while Lew and I headed back to the room, having reached our endurance limits. SKDL returned to the room having enjoyed the Na'vi boat ride. At 1530, they went down to the pool. At 1700, we all left the room headed for the Contemporary dock. The launch took us first to Wilderness Lodge and then out to Fort Wilderness for the Hoop-de-doo Review.