Historic South and Golden Isles
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At 0505, itís 43 in Salisbury and weíre headed for Jacksonville. With Buddy in the kennel the night before, we both beat the 0500 alarm. By 0545, we were out the door for the short drive to the Salisbury airport. Check-in was easy, but the pliers I added to the computer bag caused a brief delay with security to check their length. We boarded on time, but killed 20 minutes in "paperwork" before departing on runway 14 at 0709. A missed approach for traffic delayed our arrival in PHL until 0753. The shuttle bus got us to gate B1, 5 minutes before boarding. There, TSA checked identification again before boarding, which is unusual. We pulled away from the gate at 0852, about 7 minutes late. I used the delay to order, I thought, a Mears car to meet us at JAX airport. At 0905, the flight deck reports we are #11 for takeoff. We were wheels up on 27L at 0917, 32 minutes late. We landed, on time, Runway 7, at 1111, and secured our luggage. The car from Mears wasnít there, so I called and learned that I had mis-booked the car for Monday instead of Sunday. We called Uber and Daniel picked us up in just a few minutes and took us to the Hyatt. We went down to the restaurant which was being renovated and had a pair of burgers. After naps, we walked over to the Jacksonville Landing and took the water Taxi (8@) to the Chart House for dinner. After dinner we walked back out to the Southbank Riverwalk and the water taxi was waiting for us to take us back to the Jacksonville Landing for the brief walk back to the Hyatt. I enjoyed the Carol Burnett 50 year special and at 2200, itís 56, in Jacksonville.
Empty Drinks
on the plane
Santa & Dolphins
in JAX airport
1604's view
Lew's Burger
Tom's Burger
Landing's Tree