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Following the breakfast buffet at the hotel, we'll begin our tourist day. There is no plan, but the Smithsonian Institute will be featured, probably starting with the Air and Space Museum, opening at 1000. Lunch, afternoon and dinner plans are uncertain.
At 0635, it's 66 in DC. We enjoyed a nice breakfast buffet in the hotel before heading out. First, we walked up to the Mall and then east to the Capitol Building, rather difficult for me. Sal and Leo went on the tour and Kate, Lew, Dominic and I walked back to the Air and Space Museum. When Leo and Sal joined us, we took in the IMAX Aircraft Carrier, using Sal's newly acquired Smithsonian membership. Lew and I walked back to the hotel and had lunch at the 21st Amendment where Lew had crab cake sliders and I had a platter of wings, both accompanied by several Long Island Iced Teas. Following naps, we all enjoyed the dinner buffet in the hotel, picked up by Sal. At 2030, we retired for the evening.