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Following the breakfast buffet at the hotel, we'll begin our 2nd tourist day. There is no plan, but the Smithsonian Institute will be featured, probably starting with the Air and Space Museum, opening at 1000. Lunch, afternoon and dinner plans are uncertain.
At 0615, it's 67 in DC. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet in the hotel and then walked to Madison and 7th to catch the Circulator bus that circles The Mall, for $1, but it doesn’t start until 9. SKDL walked to Washington Monument, but it wasn't open. By this time, the Circulator bus had picked us up and then SKDL boarded to The Lincoln Memorial Alas, the elevator was not working, but I climbed the steps anyway. SKDL reboarded the Circulator while Lew and I went to the Vietnam Wall. From there, we took the Circulator all the way round The Mall to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Kate and Leo did the butterflies before joingin the rest of us in the Fossil Cafe for a lunch of soft drinks, sandwichs and chips. Lew and I went on to Gems, including the Hope Diamond and then Oceans, and Mammals, before taking an Uber to the hotel. Following naps, we biefly joined SKDL at the roof pool. At 1730, Kate and Leo joined Lew and me in an Uber to Legal Seafood.