This is the 18th End-of-Year newsletter we have composed using the technology of the day, including links. Strictly speaking, once again, this is not a "letter." Those are missives in a pleasant type face, on fancy holiday "paper", carefully folded and sent through snail-mail with something attached called a "postage stamp!"(55 cents). If you want an historical look back, last year's letter is here.

Our daily activities are all listed in our 2020 Journal. The year's milestones and highlights, however, are summarized below. Distribution is accomplished by sending the link in an email and modifications occur in response to questions/suggestions from friends and family. Click here to send me a note.

Tom is 74 and Lew is 71. Buddy, our beagle, is 13. We've been retired for 12 years and, since May, 2019. we're living in Wyomissing, PA, 1/4 mile from Sal, Kate, Dominic, and Leo
At our ages, I suppose annual letters start with health updates. At 74, my prostate cancer isn't going to go away; it's just not very important. Lydia has no health issues and will certainly outlive me. Buddy has his congenital heart defect and is on borrowed time. Through Social Distancing and self-quarantine, we survived Covid-19 , though it has had a severe impact on our lives as it has had on most of the world.
Travel We started the year with a week at Disney World in March. That was the beginning and end of our travels. Covid-19 forced the cancellation of the Commissioner's Academic Challenge. In July, we were to have boarded the American West for our 10th cruise with American Cruise Lines, this time around the New England Islands out of Providence, Rhode Island. That was postponed to 2021. Finally, we were to be back at Disney World in November, but, with few restaurants open, that was cancelled as well.
Renovation In January, the kitchen cabinets were replaced and my office and library shelves were installed. Some bad wood was replaced on the front of the house, and all the siding will be replaced early in 2021.
Theater Opportunities to perform have not surfaced in Pennsylvania, but I do maintain Community Players of Salisbury's website.
Now that we're living in Pennsylvania, we see Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo a couple of times a week. Thanks to Covid. no one else visited this year.
We purchased a Zoom account, and every Wednesday evening, we host a family game night for the Ferrarello extended family, and on Saturdays, Tom is the Clue Master for a weekly Clue game for the extended Laws family and friends.
Schools closed in March, so Dominic finished the 5th grade and Leo finished the 2nd grade through Virtual School. With no relief in sight, school opened, again, with Virtual School. The boys come to us one day a week, with Dominic in the dining room and Leo in the living room with their tablets.
2021 In 2021, Lyd and I will go to WDW in March and November (with Jerry and Linda) for holidays, and in June for all 6 of us. Alas, The Commissioner's Academic Challenge was not funded for 2021. In July, we're taking a cruise with American Cruise Lines among the New England Islands.

Merry Christmas, 2020 and Happy New Year, 2021

Tom and Lydia (& Buddy)