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At 2157, it’s 76. Mounted on my scooter, we left the room headed for EPCOT. It took us almost 30 minutes to get an elevator out of BLT as we headed for the monorail. I’m debating whether or not the scooter is worth the hassle as it greatly complicates travel. We switched to the EPCOT monorail and completed the journey. Where as we needed to activate our renewal annual passes, we presented ourselves at the ticket window run by Mikaela, from Sacramento. With supporting assistance from her neighbor, Jaime, from Kissimmee, she not only renewed our passes but helped us change the expiration dates to take us through November of next year. This earned both of them spots on our Pixie Dust List. From there, we went over to Imagination and used our Fast Passes to enter the Pixar short films. We enjoyed “Get A Horse,” “Piper,” and “Feast.” The cast member said most of them are on YouTube. We went into Imagination and enjoyed that ride as well. I transferred to the ride vehicle and they took the scooter to the exit. We then went on to The Land pavilion and used our Fast Passes to go, quickly, into Soarin’. It is such a magical ride. Hungry, we next headed for the Coral Reef restaurant in the Living Seas. After lunch, we took a pair of monorails back to the room and naps. We had previously ordered an Uber for 1815 and Saad was right on time to take us to Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. After dinner, another Uber took us back to BLT and bed.
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Jaime & Mikaela
Journey into Imagination
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