Walt Disney World
Jiko is located on the ground floor of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It features a magnificent wine list from West Cape Province and others of the fine vineyards of South Africa. We often sit at "The Cooking Place", a counter with heavy stools adjoining the area where most of the starters and all of flat breads are prepared; the latter in a roaring wood-fired oven. A little publicized menu choice is "down the side" which affords a taste of each of the starters on the specified side of the menu. It was at Jiko that former chef de cuisine, Anette Gray, introduced us to braised beef, which is now a regular part of our home menu. It was also at Jiko that Tom entertained our god-daughter Bertina Basson, of Lamberts Bay, South Africa, before she went home after her Disney internship.
Here in lies the problem with Jiko. Though it's a great restaurant, it is "off the beaten path" and only accessible by bus from the Ticket and Transportation center or any attraction.
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