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With the Chocolate-Caramel Layer Squares and the Chewy Walnut Squares already completed, we've scheduled three days for the rest of the baking
Monday, December 17

Nougat Cookies
I misread the recipe and made twice the nougat, so we made a double batch of 63.

Toll House Cookies
We used Ghiardelli semi-sweet chocolate, and, at 17 minutes per tray, made 77 cookies.

Russian Tea Cookies
2 trays, 87 cookies

Tuesday, December 18

Surprise Cookies
We made 2 trays of 20 for 40 cookies at 28 minutes

Walnut Cookies
Three trays at 15 minutes produced 43 cookies.

Lew revised the older recipe to create this one of 25 brownies.

Wednesday, December 19

Rum Cake, Bacardi
A meat thermometer was used to perforate the surface before drizzling.