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Salisbury, Maryland
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May 01 Closing/Moving Date for the Wyomissing house
Apr 21 Easter in Wyomissing
Apr 09 CAC #34 at WDW Boardwalk
Mar 14 Pi Day
Mar 04 WDW Spring Holiday
Feb 22 FSU Baseball hosts Youngstown State for 3.
Feb 22 FSU Softball hosts the Unconquered Invitational for 5
Feb 21 Tom has selected Goin Nuts with Elaine Laws for Thursday's lunch.
Feb 20 FSU Softball hosts South Alabama for 1
Feb 19 FSU Baseball travel to Jacksonville University
Feb 19 Lew has picked Sobos for Tuesday's lunch.
Feb 18 Presidents’ Day

Feb 17 FSU Softball swept the St. Pete Clearwater Invitational
Feb 17 FSU Baseball swept Maine for 4 [11-0; 16-3; 6-5; 9-1]
Feb 17 SKDL were here for the weekend
Feb 16 FSU Softball wins 2 more at the St. Pete Clearwater Invitational
Feb 16 Lew's Birthday
Feb 15 FSU Softball took two at the St. Pete Clearwater Invitational
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
Feb 12 Lew picked Irish Penny for Tuesday's lunch.
Feb 10 FSU Softball wins #5, closing the Joanne Graf Classic
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1860 Reading Blvd
1860 Reading Blvd