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Jul 04 Independence Day
Jul 03 Charlie is coming for a visit.
Jun 30 Tom’s Retirement In 2008.
Jun 24 We've selected Willoughby's for a family dinner out.
Jun 21 Summer Solstice 1057 EDT
Jun 17 SKDL will host Father's Day.
Jun 15 We're going to see Six with SKDL at The Hershey Theatre.
Jun 15 Lew will pick a venue for Tuesday's lunch out.
Jun 15 Tom's 77th birthday.
Jun 14 Tom is hosting family game night in our Zoom room.
Jun 13 Lew will pick a venue for Tuesday's lunch out.
Jun 10 We're going to see The Music Man with SKDL at The Reading Civic Center.
Jun 10 We're hosting EPCOT Clue #2023.06 in our Zoom Room.
Jun 10 Lew’s Retirement In 2008.

Jun 08 #3 FSU Softball lost, 3-1, to #1 Oklahoma in the WCWS.*
Jun 08 Leo and D selected Red Lobster for Thursday's lunch out.
Jun 07 #3 FSU Softball lost to #1 Oklahoma 5-0 in the finals #1 of the WCWS.
Jun 07 We saw Beetlejuice in Philadelphia. *
Jun 06 D-Day 79 Years
Jun 06 Lew has picked Olive Garden for Tuesday's lunch out.
Jun 05 #3 FSU Softball beat Tennessee 5-1 in the semi-final in the WCWS.