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Jul 16 We're headed for Pittsburgh and an ACL cruise on the Ohio River.
Jul 14 DMRRC is having an OPS Saturday.
Jul 10 Tom is touring American Song at Chesapeake Shipyards.
Jun 30 Tom's 10 year retirement anniversary
Jun 28 Tom selected Sakura for Thursday's lunch.
Jun 26 Lew has picked Suicide Bridge for Tuesday's lunch.

Jun 21 Tom selected Ruby Tuesday for Thursday's lunch.
Jun 19 Lew picked Red Lobster for Tuesday's lunch.
Jun 17 We went to Washington DC with SKDL for the weekend.*
Jun 15 Tom's 72nd birthday.
Jun 14Olive Hastings' funeral.
Jun 12 Lew picked Market Street Inn for Tuesday's lunch.
Jun 11 We met Bill & Vicki Payne at Hemingways for lunch.
Jun 10 Lew's 10 year retirement anniversary
Jun 09 DMRRC had an OPS Saturday that I skipped.
Jun 07 Tom selected Goin' Nuts for Thursday's lunch.
Jun 05 FSU Softball won the National Championship at the College World Series.*
Jun 05 Lew picked Irish Penny for Tuesday's lunch.
Jun 02 FSU Baseball lost to Mississippi State 3-2 in the NCAA Regional Tournament
Jun 01 FSU Baseball lost to Samford 7-6 in the NCAA Regional Tournament
May 31 Tom selected Sakura, Japan for Thursday's lunch.
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