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Sep 24 Pearl Sea Cruise to New England and Canada
Sep 16 Kateís birthday
Sep 15 Charlene Baron is coming for a visit.
Sep 14 Wyomissing Birthdays
Sep 14 Dominicís 11th birthday
Sep 10 Leo's 8th birthday
Aug 31 FSU Football meets Boise State in Jacksonville.
Aug 30 A weekend of Broadway shows
Aug 29 Tom will select a venue for Thursday's lunch.
Aug 27 Lew will pick a venue for Tuesday's lunch.

Aug 24 Lyd's brother, Bill, headed home from his visit.*
Aug 22 Bill selected Mission BBQ for Thursday's lunch.
Aug 20 Bill selected Coastal Grill for Tuesday's lunch.
Aug 17 Lyd's brother, Bill, arrived for a visit.
Aug 15 Tom selected Mission BBQ for Thursday's lunch.
Aug 12 We're home from our Mississippi Cruise *
Aug 03 We arrived in St. Louis for our Mississippi Cruise w/Patsy
Aug 03 Our 45th Anniversary
Aug 01 Tom selected Chef Alan's for Thursday's lunch.
Jul 30 Tom selected Plaza Azteca for Tuesday's lunch.
Jul 28 Kate picked Masa for Sunday's lunch.
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