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Mar 04 WDW Spring Holiday
Feb 18 Presidents’ Day
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
Feb 08 FSU Softball opens hosting the Joanne Graf Classic
Feb 02 We have tickets to CPOS The Dining Room.
Jan 24 Tom has selected Longhorn Steakhouse for Thursday's lunch.
Jan 22 Lew has picked Red Lobster for Tuesday's lunch.

Jan 17 Tom had selected Specific Gravity for Thursday's lunch, but we changed our minds.
Jan 15 Lew had picked Ruby Tuesday for Tuesday's lunch, but it was too cold.
Jan 13 Snow #2*
Jan 13 DMRRC Open House
Jan 10 Tom selected Brew River Lobster for Thursday's lunch.
Jan 08 Lew picked EVO for Tuesday's lunch.
Jan 05 DMRRC Open House
Jan 03 Tom selected Irish Penny for Thursday's lunch.
Jan 01 New Years Day*
Dec 31 Our End-of-Yeat letter was sent*
Dec 27 Tom selected Sobos for Thursday's lunch.
Dec 24 SKDL were here for Christmas*
Dec 23 Christmas Day in Salisbury
Dec 20 Tom selected Goin' Nuts for Thursday's lunch.
Dec 19 Christmas Baking Days*
Adventures, Projects and Dreams
Snow #2
Snow #2