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Dec 21 Winter Solstice
Nov 30 FSU Football travels to Florida.
Nov 29 Begin Christmas Holiday Season
Nov 28 Thanksgiving Day
Nov 26 We have selected The Schnizel House for Tuesday's lunch.
Nov 26 Salís Birthday
Nov 21 Tom has selected Masa for Thursday's lunch.

Nov 19 Lew picked Third and Spruce for Tuesday's lunch.
Nov 16 FSU Football defeated Alabama State 49-12.
Nov 14 Tom selected Juliana's for Thursday's lunch.
Nov 12 WDW Fall Holiday *
Nov 11 Veteransí Day.
Nov 09 FSU Football defeated Boston College 38-31.
Nov 02 FSU Football lost to Miami. 27-10
Nov 01 The third night of Halloween *
Oct 30 We took Kate to Say Cheese for Wednesday's lunch.
Oct 26 FSU Football beat Syracuse 35-17.
Oct 24 Tom selected Masa for Thursday's lunch.
Oct 22 Lew picked Longhorn Steakhouse for Tuesday's lunch.
Oct 19 FSU Football lost to Wake Forest 22-20.
Oct 15 Lew picked Brickstone's for Tuesday's lunch.
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