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Nov 01 ACL #12: Revolution Cruise
Oct 31 Halloween
Oct 21 We're hosting EPCOT Clue #2023.10 in our Zoom Room.
Oct 18 Tom is hosting family game night in our Zoom room.
Oct 15 Eagle's Football travels to the Jets at 1625.
Oct 14 FSU Football hosts Syracuse.
Oct 13 We have invited SKDL to Telia's for Friday's dinner out.
Oct 10 Lyd has picked Austin's for Tuesday's lunch out with Bill.
Oct 09 Columbus Day
Oct 08 Eagle's Football hosts the Rams at 1605.
Oct 07 FSU Football hosts Virginia Tech.
Oct 05 Tom has selected Masa for Thursday's lunch out with Bill.
Oct 03 Bill is coming from Denver for a visit.

Oct 01 Eagle's Football beat the Redskins 34-31.
Sep 30 We hosted EPCOT Clue #2023.09 in our Zoom Room.
Sep 25 Eagle's Football beat the Bucs 25-11.
Sep 27 Our fall holiday at WDW. *
Sep 23 FSU Football beat Clemson 31-24.
Sep 23 Autumnal Equinox 0250 EDT
Sep 19 We picked Telia's for Tuesday's dinner out.
Sep 17 We had tickets to "Les Miserables - High School Edition".