Tom and Lydia Welsh
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We love to cook! But, we need to make a distinction. There used to be an enormous difference between COOKING and fixin' dinner. The latter, normally on a work day, was a chore and not much fun. The former, however, used to occupy an entire Saturday or Sunday, or even both! Now that we are retired, any day can be a cooking day. We plan our weekly menu on Friday/Saturday and then, following the marketing (by Tom) -- we cook! Please enjoy some of our favorite recipes. Some of them have not yet been tried and a lot are stolen borrowed/copied from other folks. After all, the best recipes are stolen copied/adapted from others. If you have something to offer of a change in a recipe or another you'd like to see published here, write to Tom. We love to add new stuff.
Recipes recently
modified or added:
10/31:Tortilla Bake, Folded
10/21:Sausage Minestrone
10/21:Gingerbread w/Lemon Sauce
10/17:Chicken Stew, Skillet
10/13:Pork Tenderloin, Stuffed
10/11:Steak Bites w/Garlic Butter
09/12:Bacon Wrapped Sprouts
07/20:Turkey Tenderloin, Pesto
07/06:Beef Tri-Tip Roast
06/01:Seaf'd Pasta w/Mussel Sauce
05/30:Puttanesca Sauce
02/18:Flounder Francese
02/09:Andouille Sausage Skillet
01/12:Amish Slaw
12/26:Tuna Poke Bowl
12/16:Philly Cheese Steak
12/13:Pears, Roasted:Sage/Pros
12/07:Parsnips, Herb Butter
12/07:Cheese Dip, Mexican-White
10/25:Chicken Paprika
10/20:Chicken Nuggets
09/28:Bacon-Wrapped Scallops
08/24:Chicken Cordon Bleu, Layer
08/24:Salmon Salad
08/20:Deviled Eggs
08/10:Mozz. Cran. Balsamic Salad
08/05:Pork Picatta
08/05:Pork Marsala
06/22:Fried Rice
06/22:Eichorn Rum Custard
06/04:Rice, Lemon
06/01:Avocado-Gazpacho Soup
05/30:Pork Francaise
04/27:Grilled Cheese Bar
04/27:Omelet Bar
04/27:Chicken, Garlic Anchovy
03/30:Lamb Shank Sous Vide
03/29:Shrimp Sous Vide
03/15:Corned Beef Brisket - SV
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