Tom and Lydia Welsh
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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2024 I sent the link to our New Years Page. On the 3rd, the Paynes came for a visit. February 23rd, Leo appeared in Newsies. March 3rd, Lyd and Kate participated in Amy's bridal shower. March 6th had us headed for our Spring vacation at WDW. The 31st had us at SKDL for Easter dinner. In April, CAC was at Universal Studios, but without us, and Leo appeared in Mamma Mia.
2023 January 2: Bill and Vicky Payne (and Rudy) visited on their way back to West Virginia. Following our first Clue Encounter, we decided to go monthly. February 12th, the Eagles lost the Superbowl to the Chiefs. March 1st has us back at WDW for a spring holiday, and on the 9th, we're all at Baltimore Inner Harbor. We had planned an ACL Revolutionary War Cruise, but canceled it over my cardiac issues. Subsequently we cancelled CAC in April, as well. In May, we had stone siding put on the front of the house and Bill and Vicki Payne came for a visit. FSU Softball finished 2nd in the WCWS. In July, Charlene visited. In September, we had our Fall holiday at WDW. In October Bill came for a visit. In November, we took ACL Cruise #12, The Revolution Cruise. On Christmas Eve, we added Holly to our family. The year finished with the Christmas season.
2022 January 2: Bill and Vicki Payne visited on their way home to Florida. In late February, SKDL all came down with Covid, and we had electrical work done in the kitchen and guest rooms. In early March, we returned to WDW for a Spring Holiday, joined, briefly, by Bill and Vicki Payne. At the end of the month, it was back to Disney for the CAC. In June, the 6 of us went back to Disney World. In July, we had the large Blue Spruce removed from the back yard. The 1st of August has us headed for Boston and our 11th ACL cruise, during which Lyd tested positive for Covid. We built the Lego HMS Titanic. On August 31, the boys returned to school, D in the 8th grade and Leo in the 5th grade. With SKDL, we spent a weekend ay Baltimore Inner Harbor. October 14th, we started construction of the Lego Hogwart's Castle. November 2nd took the two of us back to WDW. The 29th: Payne Visit. The year finished with the Christmas season.
2021 January 1: With the new year. Covid-19 is still a major factor in our lives. On the 7th, we cancelled the March Disney Trip. The next day, Kate got her first Covid shot. On the 12th, the siding on the house was replaced. On the 13th, we made the difficult decision to put Buddy down, and Dr, Fausel completed the procedure. The 22nd saw the cancellation of the June Disney trip, too. On the 27th, Lyd had the cataract in her left eye removed. February opened with almost 2 feet of snow on the 2nd. March saw us get our two Covid-19 vaccinations and the boys return to in-person school. Bill reports Cindy has stage 1 breast cancer. We purchased 2 new Roombas for us and 1 for SKDL. Along with SKDL, Brian & Amy, & Julia and Matt, we visited Jerry and Linda in Shelby, NC, in June. July saw a resumption of travel and we took an ACL Cruise in and out of Providence, RI to the New England Islands, Leo appeared in a production of Beauty and the Beast. In August, the dining room was papered and painted and we replaced the 2016 Nissan Rogue with a 2021 Nissan Rogue. Hurricane Henri soaked New England, and Hurricane Ida drenched us. At the Ferrarello Birthday party, Dominic is 13 and Leo is 10. We acquired a treadmill for the bedroom. For Halloween, we put a table out front and Lyd went to the door while I monitored the cameras. In early November, Jerry and Linda joined us for our Fall Holiday at Disney World. In December, we enjoyed the holidays.
2020 January 1: We started assembling the Christmas Decorations and Linda sent their Easter Flights. On the 13th, LSU beat Clemson for the National Championship. On the 18th we had our first and only snow of the season. On the 20th, Omega Builders demolished the kitchen and we sold them the Nissan Altima. We are down to one car. Feb 2, Kansas City beat San Francisco for Super Bowl LIV. On the 27th, we got a new floor in the dining room.. March 2nd has us at WDW for our Spring Holiday. On the 10th, Covid-19 dominates the news as it will dominate our lives for the foreseeable future. On the 12th, I cancelled CAC, and the next day, the governor of Pennsylvania closed the schools. The elaborate Easter Plans were replaced by a series of Zoom teleconferences. On the 12th, I killed the Tennessee Trip and did the same on the 15th for this summer's ACL Cruise. On the 16th, the small Covid-19 check came from the IRS. The months of April and early May saw us self-quarantined, enjoying game nights with the family using Zoom. Mid-May we started take-out lunches. The 1st of June marked our 79th day of our self-quarantine and 98 days since my last haircut and beard-trim. We ended quarantine with an invited visit to the Reading Museum on my 74th birthday, and, on the 29th, after 125 days, I had a haircut. The end of July, Lyd got a powered scooter and I bought a powered trike. August 17th marked the start of renovations on the front of the house, and cancellation of the November trip to WDW. September saw the cancellation of the 2021 CAC. The boys started virtual school and are with us on Tuesdays. My tooth #31 was removed as was the growth in Buddy's mouth. Halloween was pretty cold, and poorly attended. Joe (I'm not Trump) Biden appears to be the President-Elect. Thanksgiving was just the two of us, but we did enjoy the Christmas Season. The Covid-19 vaccine appeared in mid-December, but not for us.