Tom and Lydia Welsh
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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2020 January 1: We started assembling the Christmas Decorations and Linda sent their Easter Flights. On the 13th, LSU beat Clemson for the National Championship. On the 18th we had our first and only snow of the season. On the 20th, Omega Builders demolished the kitchen and we sold them the Nissan Altima. We are down to one car. Feb 2, Kansas City beat San Francisco for Super Bowl LIV. On the 27th, we got a new floor in the dining room.. March 2nd has us at WDW for our Spring Holiday. On the 10th, Covid-19 dominates the news as it will dominate our lives for the foreseeable future. On the 12th, I cancelled CAC, and the next day, the governor of Pennsylvania closed the schools. The elaborate Easter Plans were replaced by a series of Zoom teleconferences. On the 12th, I killed the Tennessee Trip and did the same on the 15th for this summer's ACL Cruise. On the 16th, the small Covid-19 check came from the IRS. The months of April and early May saw us self-quarantined, enjoying game nights with the family using Zoom. Mid-May we started take-out lunches. The 1st of June marked our 79th day of our self-quarantine and 98 days since my last haircut and beard-trim. We ended quarantine with an invited visit to the Reading Museum on my 74th birthday, and, on the 29th, after 125 days, I had a haircut. The end of July, Lyd got a powered scooter and I bought a powered trike. August 17th marked the start of renovations on the front of the house, and cancellation of the November trip to WDW. September saw the cancellation of the 2021 CAC. The boys started virtual school and are with us on Tuesdays. My tooth #31 was removed as was the growth in Buddy's mouth.