Tom and Lydia Welsh
Salisbury, Maryland & Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

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2019 January 16th started the relocation project with a realtor in Wyomissing. By the 25th, we had narrowed the selection and put a deposit on 1860 Reading Blvd, and on the 26th. the Salisbury house was listed with a local realtor. SKDL came for Lew's 70th birthday. March had us back at WDW for our Spring Holiday, and on the 23rd, we accepted an offer from Nancy to buy our Salisbury house. On the 26th, Tom recorded Habits of Devotion for DPR. In early May, we moved from Salisbury, Maryland to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, after Omega Builders finished the kitchen/library floor. In June, we took SKDL to Disney World. In August, we took Patsy with us for a cruise on the Northern Mississippi River; Bill came for a visit, and, at the end of the month, SKDL joined us in NYC for a few Broadway Shows. September brought the installation of our security cameras, the birthday party for KDL, and a visit from Charlie Baron. We finished the month aboard the Pearl Mist on a Pearl Seas Cruise. While we were at sea, the Master Bathroom was renovated. In October, weather spread Halloween over three days. In early November, we finished our travels for the year with a fall holiday at WDW.
2018 January 4th brought our 2nd snow Feb 7, Dr. Tu lasered a film on the inside of my right lens. On the 8th, we recorded A Kiss for Gertrude. On the 17th, while SKDL we here, we learned Julia Laws will marry Matt Mietke in Texas on April 18th. On the 22nd, Buddy saw a cardiologist. In early March, we were back at Disney World . On the 22nd, we had our 2nd snow. We enjoyed the Easter Weekend in Wyomissing. April 17th had us both in the air: me to the Commissioner's Acadmic Challenge, and Lew and Kate to Julia's wedding. May 1, we met Henry and Roy Hensel in Berlin for lunch. On the 4th, SKDL were here for the weekend. On the 10th, we cancelled the NYC weekend with Patsy, and on the 15th, Margaret died. In June, on the 15th, we spent my 72nd birthday with SKDL in Washington DC. On the 29th, Linda lost her mother, Carol. In July, SKDL came for a weekend, and I toured the American Song. We spent 10 days on the Ohio River with an ACL Cruise. In August, on the 30th, Margaret's house was sold at auction. September took us up to Wyomissing for the birthday weekend. Bill came east and joined us and SKDL in Ocean City. We went back to WDW for our fall holiday and SKDL came for an early Thanksgiving. In December, we got a new roof, and, finally, SKDL came down for Christmas, with suggestions for us to move to Wyomissing. We published our end-of-year newsletter.
2017 January 7th brought us the only snow of the season: 10.25." January 20th brought us Inauguration Day, the end of an error and the dawning of an American Renaissance in Donald Trump. February brought a visit from SKDL. I toured the American Constellation. We completed a week of TV for Nielsen, and Victor H. Laws, II died. In March, Pat Cascone joined us for a Spring Holiday at WDW. April was marred by an ACL Cruise on the SE Coast that didn't happen. It did allow us to join SKDL for Easter, and they came for a visit while I attended the Commissioner's Academic Challenge. June had us at Joseph and Rachel King's wedding and then took us all back to Walt Disney World. In July, we spent another Baltimore Inner Harbor weekend with SKDL. Buddy had a growth on his tongue which was removed and he wrote about it in his journal. In August, we enjoyed a train trip across Canada. At the end of the month, the family assembled for Margaret's 106th birthday. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma beat up Texas and Florida. In September, we went to Wyomissing for the birthday weekend and Henry Hensel came for lunch. The Columbus Day weekend had SKDL joining us in Ocean City, accompanied by Jerry, Linda, Brian and his +1, Amy, for Jessie Laws' wedding. We also had our 4th visit to the Autumn Wine Festival. Bill and Vicky Payne came for a visit. November had us participating in another Nielsen rating and then back to WDW, followed by an early Thanksgiving in Salisbury with SKDL. Tom performed in a radio drama for Delmarva Public Radio. In December, on our 2nd attempt, we completed our ACL Cruise from Jacksonville to Charleston. The year ended with our Maryland Family Christmas. We published our end-of-year newsletter.
2016 January 6th saw the removal of Tom's right eye cataract. We booked a cruise from Charleston to Jacksonville for 2017, and replaced the 2003 Volvo with a 2016 Nissan Rogue. In February, SKDL visited. March had us back to WDW for a Spring Holiday, followed by Easter in Wyomissing. April had our 1st visit from Pat Cascone and Tom had jury duty. In May, SKDL visited, and Buddy had his cherry eye removed. In June, we visited Quebec. In July, we enjoyed Baltimore's Inner Harbor with SKDL. The end of August, SKDL and Bill came for Margaret's 105th birthday. In September, we spent the birthday weekend in Wyomissing. October opened with a weekend in Ocean City and continued with a cruise on the Hudson River. In November, we spent a week at Disney World and Trump was elected 45th president. SKDL came for an early Thanksgiving. In December, Bill and SKDL joined us for our Maryland Christmas. FSU defeated Michigan in the Orange Bowl and we published our End-of-Year letter.
2015 On New Year's Day, Oregon defeated FSU 59-20 in the Rose Bowl, ending their win streak at 29 games. Jerry and Linda visited. We booked a cruise on the Hudson River. In February, SKDL visited on the 7th. We had Snow #3 & Snow #4. Tom was cast for a small part in the CPOS production of The Man Who Came To Dinner. Sal, Kate and the boys were here for the weekend. We booked a train trip to Canada. In April, we had a Spring Holiday at WDW, and Tom had a cataract procedure on his left eye. SKDL were here for the weekend. In May, we went to NYC for Brian's graduation from Law School. In June, we took SKDL back to WDW. July saw Lyd summoned for the month for circuit court jury duty. SKDL came for a visit, and we sailed aboard the ACL American Glory for a cruise of Maine's harbors. August featured a weekend in Wyomissing . In September, the family gathered for Margaret's 104th birthday. October featured a visit to Wyomissing and the Autumn Wine Festival. In November, we enjoyed the CPOS production of Tha Addams Family, and then ejoyed a Disney Fall Holiday. SKDL came for an early Thanksgiving. In December, Bill arrived on the 19th and SKDL on the 23rd for our Maryland Christmas. We published our end-of-year newsletter.
2014 In January, on the 3rd, we had 4" of snow. The kids were here on the 11th and we went to Disney on Ice. We had snow on the 21st & again on the 28th. In February, we replaced the family room ceiling lights. In March, SKDL came for a circus weekend, and we cancelled the October Ocean City weekend. We had 9" of snow on the 17th & 3" more on the 26th. In April, we returned to Walt Disney World for the 29th Commissioner's Academic Challenge, and then spent the Easter weekend in Wyomissing. In May, Jerry, Linda and Brian came for a visit and we surprised them by flying Julia from Australia to join them. On the 30th, Ray Eckenroth died. In June, SKDL came for my birthday weekend. In July, we added fencing to the northeast and southwest corners of the yard and went to Wyomissing for Independence Day. We took our 3rd cruise with ACL to Alaska, extending into August. The patio and garage projects were finished and the family gathered in Salisbury at the end of the month for Margaret's 103rd birthday. In September, we went to Wyomissing for the birthday weekend. October took us to Wyomissing for a weekend, and to the Autumn Wine Festival. November took us to Disney for our first Food and Wine Festival and was an enormous success with perfect weather. Leo's cold prevented them from coming for an early Thanksgiving. Victor and Elaine did join us for the real Thanksgiving. Bill flew in on December 20th and SKDL arrived on the 23rd for our Maryland Christmas. We published our end-of-year newsletter.
2013 In January, We watched the Orange Bowl, on New Years Day, with FSU defeating Northern Illinois 31-10. Later in the month, we saw the CPOS production of "On Golden Pond", and a new family room fireplace was installed. In March, we took a cruise on the Mississippi River. April has us back at WDW for CAC #28, and Sal, Kate and the boys visited. In May, Tom went to Europe. In June, Tom appeared in The Wizard of Oz. In July, we spent a weekend in Wyomissing. Tom auditioned for Les Mis, but wasn't cast. We spent a weekend in Wyomissing. Bill, Kate, Sal, and the boys we here for Margaret's 102nd birthday. We went to Wyomissing for the Ferrarello Birthday Weekend in September, and then to Disney World with Kate, Sal and the boys. We went to Wyomissing for Halloween, and the kids came down for an early Thanksgiving. Victor and Elaine joined Margaret at our house for the actual Thanskgiving Dinner. In December, Delmarva Model Railroad Club had their annual Open House, and Bill and the kids came for Our Maryland Christmas. We published our end-of-year newsletter.
2012 Jan 02, We picked up Brian Laws from the airport ands dropped him at Victor and Elaineís Jan 06, We both had ophthalmologist appointments and our pressure were fine. Jan 07, I ran trains at the Delmarva Railroad Club open house Jan 10, I was cast as Major Metcalf in The Mousetrap. Jan 15, Delmarva Model Railroad Clubís last open house for the holiday season. Jan 18, Kate had what weíre choosing to call an interview with a local dermatologist. Jan 20, I was nominated to the cityís Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee. Feb 02, Dr. Richard Byrd, neurologist, about the numbness in my thumb. We talked for quite a while and did not reach any conclusion. Iíll just wait it out. Feb 03, The kids, having left Wyomissing around 1930, arrived at 2300. Feb 12, We went to Disney for Lydís birthday. Feb 19, sleet started. Feb 24, Opening Night of The Mousetrap. Mar 09, Weekend in Wyomissing. Mar 14, Kate reported she has the job with the Dermatology Group. Mar 20, Traffic accident with 83 year-old David Largey. Apr 07, Weekend in Wyomissing. Apr 15, CAC in WDW Apr 24, Chesapeake Shipyards tour of the Queen of The Mississippi. Apr 27, Brian and Jerry came over for a nice visit in the afternoon. Jun 23, A cruise on the Chesapeake Bay; Messick started on the loft access project. Jul 05, My 5th prostatic biopsy by Dr. Maull. Jul 06, Weekend in Wyomissing. Aug 05, Baltimore for Jury Duty. Aug 10, Weekend in Wyomissing Aug 20, Cast as Dr. Grimwig in Oliver. Aug 31, Sal, Kate, and the boys arrived about 2330. Sep 07, Ping Pong Summer auditions in Ocean City. Sep 10, Lyd's laser iridotomy of the left eye. Sep 14, Birthday weekend in Wyomissing Oct 03, Ocean City with the kids. Oct 26, Hurricane Sandy. Nov 02, Three performance of Oliver Nov 06, Obama, Socialist-in-chief, won four more years, but the Republicans kept the House. Nov 21, Margaret, Jerry, Linda and Brian for lunch. Nov 22, Sal. Kate, and the boys arrived at 2300. Nov 23, A nice party for the family. Nov 28, Our Christmas Tree arrived from the Christmas Tree Company. Dec 06, Christmas Cookie Day. Dec 08, Julia arrived. Dec 22, Bill and Cindy arrived; Sal, Kate and the boys pulled in. Dec 25, Christmas in Maryland. Dec 31, End-of-year web page and newsletter.
2011 Jan 05, I had an introductory flight with Don Legge at Bay Land Aviation & Victor and Elaine left for Florida Feb 03, Lyd and I drove out to BestBuy and bought her an iPad. Feb 13, Lydís birthday week was spent at Walt Disney World. Mar 04, Kate, Sal and Dominic rolled in at 2140 and promptly announced that they are expecting their second child in Oct. Apr 02, Commissionerís Academic Challenge at WDW, with Margaret. Apr 14, Linda and Julia Laws arrived in the early evening. Apr 22, At noon, the new Laz-Y-Boy was delivered. May 09, Life Matters started with Margaret. May 11, I saw Dr. Maull and 1/12 of the samples showed Atypia, so the procedure will be repeated at the end of Jun. May 13, Sal, Kate and Nico pulled in at 2145. May 16, we watched Endeavor launch and then drove out to Pohanka Motors and bought a 2011 Nissan Altima, trading in the 1998 Volvo. May 19, Bill and Cindy arrived at 1600. May 23, the carpentry work in the laundry room is finished and awaits painting and the appliance installation. Jun 09, we contacted American Cruise Lines and put down a deposit for a Chesapeake Cruise Aug 4-11, 2012. Jun 17, Sal got off of work early and they rolled in around 1700 and attended the 5th performance of The Hollow. Jul 04, Independence Day weekend in Wyomissing. Jul 14, Dr. Maull, my urologist, gave me the pathology report from the recent prostatic biopsy which confirmed prostate cancer. Jul 26, a visit to the Jersey Shore with a stay at the Singapore Motel, a dump. Aug 04, Wicked at the Kennedy Center. Aug 18, Iíve been cast in the role of the 6th reporter in CHICAGO. Aug 23, we had a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia Aug 28, Hurricane Irene went up the peninsula with an 18 hour power loss. Aug 28, Michael OíBrien called to tell us that Marilyn had to go in for emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer, Saturday night, and didnít survive the procedure. Aug 30, Lyd and I picked up Bill and Cindy at the airport as they arrived from Denver. Sep 03, We hosted a dinner for 14 at Fratelliís. Sep 04, In the afternoon, around 130 joined us at Georgia house to celebrate Margaretís official 100th birthday party. Sep 07, Kateís water broke last night and they are in the hospital. Sep 10, At 0427, Leo Thomas Ferrarello was born in the Reading Hospital. Sep 15, We secured a DVR-HD to replace the HD box on the TV so we can have greater flexibility in recording TV shows. Sep 16, Weekend in Wyomissing. Sep 24, Adventures by Disney Southwest Splendors Oct 12, Physical Therapy for my shoulder. Oct 29, Jerry called and surprised us with his presence in town. Nov 04-06, Three performances of Chicago. Nov 11, Weekend in Wyomissing Nov 23, Julia joined us for the Thanksgiving weekend. Nov 24, Victor, Elaine and Margaret joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Dec 03, Tom discovered the Delmarva Model Railroad Club and promptly joined. Dec 08, The front door was renovated. Dec 13, Auditions for The Mousetrap, but I wasnít cast. Dec 18, Cookie Day at 823. Dec 25, Christmas in Salisbury. End-of-year letter.
2010 Jan 07, I purchased a webcam and we joined Skype. Jan 10, Lyd fell at the bottom of the ramp, scraping her left knee and twisting her left ankle. A visit to Dr. Roe produced the diagnosis of a fractured lateral malleolus, the outside bone of the ankle. Jan 31, we measured the snow on the top of the car at 11Ē. Feb 15, my right hip was replaced. Mar 05, Kate, Sal and Nico arrived just before 2200. Mar 16, the shower renovation was complete. Mar 25, our Jacksonville house was sold to Marvin and Lashonda Clarke. Apr 03, Easter weekend in Wyomissing. Apr 12, with Margaret, we attended the Commissionerís Academic Challenge at Walt Disney World. While we were gone, Messick Builders demolished the kitchen. Apr 30, Cathy Payneís Wedding May 02, we communicated with Judy Kauffman from the Disney Vacation Club and joined! May 14, Kate, Sal and Nico pulled in a little after 10 p.m. after driving through a lot of rain. May 19, Polliard began to trench the front yard for the new fresh water line. Jun 01, Lydís bike was stolen and the GPS was missing from my car. Jun 11, I bought a new laptop Jun 23, Atlantic Coastal Drilling sank a 50 foot shaft in the front yard for our irrigation well. Fourth of Jul weekend in Wyomissing. Jul 28, A day on the Jersey shore with the Ferrarellos. Aug 03, we took Buddy to the Kennel and then left Margaretís at 1145, bound for Washington and Mary Poppins. Aug 27, the kids were here for the weekend. Sep 17, a Wyomissing weekend Sep 21, Haleís Tree Service took down the bitternut hickory and the final inspection was done on the porch Oct 03, we took Sal, Kate and Nico to Disney World. Oct 30, a weekend in Wyomissing Nov, 13, the kids were here for the weekend. Nov 18, Dr. Mehta started me on insulin. Christmas in Maryland.