This is the 13th End-of-Year newsletter we have composed using the technology of the day, including links. Strictly speaking, once again, this is not a "letter." Those are missives in a pleasant type face, on fancy holiday "paper", carefully folded and sent through snail-mail with something attached called a "postage stamp!"(49 cents, I think). If you want an historical look back, last year's letter is here.

Our daily activities are all listed in our 2015 Journal. The year's milestones and highlights, however, are summarized below.

At our ages, I suppose annual letters start with health updates. My prostate cancer isn't going to go away; it's just not very important. At this point, 50 tissue samples, over 4 procedures, have resulted in a 3% malignancy in only one sample, so, with the agreement of the urologist, we are finished with biopsies.
I had a cataract procedure in the left eye and the right one will be done early in January. Lydia has no health issues and will certainly outlive me. After all, Margaret, her mother, at 104, is in excellent health for her age.

Travel We spent a week in April at WDW, though I'm not officiating at the Commissioner's Academic Challenge anymore. In May, we went to NYC for Brian's graduation from Law School, and to see a few shows. Jerry and Linda came home with us for a visit. This being an odd-numbered year, June had us back at Disney World for a Summer Holiday with SKDL, which was a lot of fun. July saw us aboard the ACL American Glory for a cruise of Maine's harbors, our 4th cruise with American Cruise Lines. In November, we went back to Disney World for a fall holiday.
Renovation You'd think we'd run out of things to do to the house, but we put built in shelves in the master bedroom.
Theater Community Players of Salisbury (CPOS) doesn't have a lot of roles for my demographic and some of the shows interfere with our travels, or vice-versa, but, in April, I had a bit part in The Man Who Came to Dinner.
We drove the four hours north to see Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo (SKDL) on: Aug 21, and Oct 11.
They came to see us: Feb 6, March 15, April 26, July 11, Nov 22 (for an early Thanksgiving) , and for Christmas.
Jerry and Linda Laws visited in January.

In July, Lyd had jury duty

2016 In 2016, we're returning to Ocean City in February for a weekend. We're going to Disney World in March this year to try and avoid some of the heat we experienced this past April. Although we had plans to return, annually, to NYC for a week of Broadway, that is falling by the wayside, at least for now. Instead, we're going to Canada in June for some touring and a train trip. This being an even-numbered year, we'll not take Sal, Kate and the boys to Disney World in June. We're going to take our 5th cruise with American Cruise Lines up the Hudson River in October.
We're still working on the Salisbury and Wyomissing visit schedule for 2016. That, along with other future plans can be found at Dreams, Plans and Projects .

Merry Christmas, 2015 and Happy New Year, 2016

Tom and Lydia (& Buddy)