This would appear to be the 12th End-of-Year newsletter we have composed using the technology of the day, including links. Strictly speaking, once again, this is not a "letter." Those are missives in a pleasant type face, on fancy holiday "paper", carefully folded and sent through snail-mail with something attached called a "postage stamp!"(46 49 cents, I think). If you want an historical look back, last year's letter is here.

Our daily activities are all listed in our 2014 Journal. The year's milestones and highlights, however, are summarized below.

At our ages, I suppose annual letters start with health updates. Lydia joined me on Medicare this year. I had another prostatic biopsy this year and it was, again, negative. The prostate cancer isn't going to go away; it's just not very important. At this point, 50 tissue samples, over 4 procedures, have resulted in a 3% malignancy in one sample, so we are finished with biopsies.
Margaret, Lyd's mother, at 103, is in excellent health for her age and we three go out to lunch twice a week.

Travel Our travel this year included signing up for TSA Pre-Check. This facilitated airport screenings in Orlando, Seattle and Juneau. We spent a week in April at WDW for the Commissioner's Academic Challenge. In July, we flew to Seattle and then on to Juneau for a week on America Cruise Lines American Spirit in the temperate rain forests of Alaska. Then, we spent a week in November at WDW, including The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival and the beginning of the Christmas decoration, including Mickey' Very Merry Christmas Party.
Renovation I'm not sure how much of the house is left to renovate, but we replaced the dungeon ceiling, and family room lighting. We fenced the northeast portion and southwest of the yard and secured wine racks for the family room. We had the driveway sealed. Finally, we installed a Pergola & Patio in the back yard, complete with a grill.
Theater There wasn't anything for me on stage with Community Players in 2014, but I did appear in a few short Radio Dramas. I can do those sitting down and they don't have to be memorized
We drove the four hours north to see Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo on: 4/19 for Easter, 7/4 for Independence Day, 9/13 for multiple birthdays, and 10/11 for no particular reason.
They came to see us: 1/11 including Disney on Ice, 3/8 (with the circus in town), 6/14 for my birthday, 8/30 for Margaret's 103rd and for Christmas Our picture of the boys and the nutcrackers shows how much they've grown. There were other scheduled visits, but illness and/or weather got in the way.
Linda, Jerry and Brian came to see us in May and we surprised them by flying Julia in from Brisbane to be here at the same time. Jerry was here, again, in August.
The FSU Seminoles defeated Auburn 34-31 in football for the National Championship.
2015 In 2015, Lyd wants to put built in shelves in the master bedroom. We'll be going to WDW in April, but not for Commissioner's Academic Challenge and, again, in November. This being an odd-numbered year, we'll go with Sal, Kate and the boys in June. We're going to take our 4th cruise with American Cruise Lines in the harbors of Maine in August.
We're still working on the Salisbury and Wyomissing visit schedule. That, along with other future plans can be found at Dreams, Plans and Projects .

Merry Christmas, 2014 and Happy New Year, 2015

Tom and Lydia (& Buddy)