This would appear to be the 10th End-of-Year newsletter we have composed using the technology of the day, including links. Strictly speaking, once again, this is not a "letter." Those are missives in a pleasant type face, on fancy holiday "paper", carefully folded and sent through snail-mail with something attached called a "postage stamp!"(45 cents, I think) Last year's letter is here.

Our daily activities are all listed in our 2012 Journal. The year's milestones and highlights are as follows:

At our ages, I suppose annual letters start with health updates. I had another prostatic biopsy in July. There was nothing new, but the prostate cancer isn't going to go away. Lyd had Internal Ocular Pressures of 22, but the ophthalmologist was concerned about closed-angle glaucoma and performed successful laser iridotomy in each eye. Margaret, Lyd's mother, at 101, had a cataract removed from her right eye. She's in excellent health for her age and we go out to lunch twice a week.
Travel Our travel this year included trips to Disney World in February for Lyd's birthday, and again in April for the Commissioner's Academic Challenge. In June, we took our first cruise with American Cruise Lines on the Chesapeake Bay.
Renovation As we continue to make this house into our own, we put in a new stairway to the loft which we're going to outfit as a bedroom for Nico and Leo.
Theater Tom was cast in the Community Players of Salisbury's productions of The Mousetrap (as Major Metcalf), and Oliver (as Dr. Grimwig). An independent film company held auditions in Ocean City for "Ping Pong Summer" but Tom wasn't cast.
We went north to see Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo on 3/9,4/7, 7/6, 8/10, & 9/14. They came to see us on 2/5, 6/1, 9/1, 10/3, 11/22, and 12/22. Kate will open her new job with Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners on January 3. Brian Laws came to visit in January. Brian and Jerry were here in April. Linda, Brian and Jerry in November and Julia in December
In August, Tom had Federal Jury Duty and we dodged Hurricane Sandy.
2013 In 2013, we've booked an ACL cruise on the Mississippi. We plan to return to Disney World in April for the CAC, and to take the family to Disney in September.

Merry Christmas, 2012 and Happy New Year, 2013

Tom and Lydia (& Buddy)