Mon, Feb 19 At 0702, itís 35o, and I made a Mears reservation for CAC. We snacked on deli for lunch and enjoyed a few Downton Abbeys
Sun, Feb 18 At 0642, itís 37o and SKDL are here for the weekend. They left at 1230 for Wyomissing. I attended the initial meeting of the CPOS Production Committee to review the shows submitted for the 2018-2019 theatre season. We had Tomgolian BBQ for dinner and watched Downton Abbey until 2100, Lewís new bedtime. At 2100, itís 39o.
Sat, Feb 17 At 0652, itís 35o and SKDL are here for the weekend.
Fri, Feb 16 At 0640, itís 60o. I completed our weekly marketing and wrote to Bill. We had oyster stew, crackers and cheese and martinis and Manhattanís for Lewís 69th birthday lunch. In the afternoon, we completed preparations for Saturday nightís Tomgolian BBQ. For dinner, I prepared a slab of yellowfin tuna for me and a steamed lobster tail for Lew. SKDL arrived at 2130 and we were all in bed by 2330 and 45o.
Thu, Feb 15 At 0640, itís 50o. We went to lunch at Market Street Inn. After lunch, we secured 4 quarts of turnip greens from Daytonís for Kate. At 2100, itís 61o and weíre open upstairs.
Wed, Feb 14 At 0721, itís 37o. I completed Margaretís weekly marketing and Lew had a facial at About Faces. I re-recorded a portion of A Kiss for Margaret for Hal Wilson and we completed an interview for his show. In the absence of our regular recorded shows, thanks to the Olympics, we watched more episodes of Downton Abbey. In response to my email, Tom Robinson sent me all of the missing scripts. At 2215, itís 48o.
Tue, Feb 13 At 0627, itís 33o. Mike writes that they will be on-property and will meet us for rope drop. We had lunch at Irish Penny. From there, we drove down to How Sweet It Is for oysters, crab, and some replacement wine. At 2250, itís 37o.
Mon, Feb 12 At 0700, itís 57o. Emails were sent to the WDW proprietors. Hal Wilson called about changes to A Kiss for Gertrude and an interview. The Valentine Bunny graces our front door. We had Coquille St. Jacques for dinner with baby broccoli florets. At 2130, itís 40o.  
Sun, Feb 11 At 0657, itís 61o and the bedroom windows are open with rain in the forecast. Lew took Edna to church with her and in the afternoon, we watched episodes of Downton Abbey and had leftover ham and chicken medley in puff pastry shells for dinner. An email from Mike Akers says they will join us for lunch on Friday, 3/9. Weíll meet at Rope Drop in the Magic Kingdom. At 2235, itís 66o and we are open overnight.
Sat, Feb 10 At 0645, itís 44o. I completed our weekly marketing and we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on the DVR. We watched Narnia 3 and Paddington and had excellent smothered pork chops covered in Lewís Mushroom Leek Bread Pudding with apples, peas and a bottle of Basignani Riesling. At 2300, itís 55o and raining.
Fri, Feb 9 At 0655, itís 27o. Lew had a pedicure and I wrote to Bill. Lew came home with a facial planned for 2/14. We made Steak Madagascar for dinner with foie gras, baked potato and roasted veggies. At 2030, itís 40o.
Thu, Feb 8 At 0628, itís 31o and sunny. We did some menu planning and Lew vetoed going out to lunch. Tony installed our 4 smoke detectors. I went to the DPR studio and we recorded A Kiss for Gertrude. Lew and Buddy went up at 2000. I made a Friday reservation at Germany during CAC. At 2300, itís 29o.
Wed, Feb 7 At 0701, itís 36o. I completed Margaretís marketing and we went to Azar Eye Center where Dr. Tu used a laser, in a 5-minute procedure, to remove a film, from the inside of my right lens. On the way home, we secured burgers from Hardees. We watched Tuesdayís shows on the DVR and had leftover Beef and Noodles and Bavarian beans for dinner. At 2045, itís 44o in a light rain.
Tue, Feb 6 At 0641, itís 28o. Lew vetoed lunch out. We made excellent batches of Potato Leek Soup and Zuppa Toscano Soup in the morning. At 2300, itís 33o.
Mon, Feb 5 At 0705, itís 35o. Lew did heavy cleaning and I investigated the problems downloading data from Merrill Lynch to Quicken, learning itís a Quicken problem; not mine. We watched Narnia 2 in the afternoon and made a marinated pork stir fry and potato latkes for dinner. The hotel reservation for CAC arrived. At 2100. Itís 29o.
Sun, Feb 4 At 0641, itís 30o. I completed our weekly marketing and it started raining around 1100, with Lew skipping church. We watched the Eagles defeat the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII while we had Asian meatballs in duck sauce, chips and clam dip and Asian wings. At 2230, itís 42o.
Sat, Feb 3 At 0648, itís 19o and marketing has been postponed until tomorrow. Tony Watson stopped by to review the task of installing our smoke detectors and will be back later in the week to complete the job. We watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens and made chicken Imperial and broccoli for dinner. At 2313, itís 28o.
Fri, Feb 2 At 0708, itís 38o, Buddy having slept in until nearly 0630. Margaret didnít get up and I wrote to Bill. We had pork schnitzel, German potato Salad and Harvest Apples for dinner and, at 2000, itís 25o.
Thu, Feb 1 At 0625, itís 37o. We went to Goiní Nuts for lunch. We came home to menu planning and then watched the shows we had recorded from Wednesday evening. At 2300, itís 54o.
Wed, Jan 31 At 0719, itís 21o and I completed Margaretís weekly marketing. We watched Night at the Museum 3 and invited Mike and Andrea Akers to join us at WDW in March. Buddyís cardiologist appointment is February 22nd in Annapolis. At 2320, itís 34o.
Tue, Jan 30 At 0612, itís 36o with snow showers. I had a haircut and then went to the liquor store. We went to Fratelliís for lunch and came home to naps. In the evening, I watched President Trumpís State of the Union Address. At 2230, itís 27o.
Mon, Jan 29 At 0658, itís 43o in a light rain. I had an appointment with Dr. Olischar, the podiatrist. I attempted the liquor store, but they were closed for inventory. We watched Night at the Museum 2. Barb Wygal came to examine Buddy and she and Lew discussed him being seen by a canine cardiologist. The CAC staff registration form came and was completed and returned. We had Kung Pao chicken. At 2120, itís 39o and raining, with snow showers expected later tonight.
Sun, Jan 28 At 0624, itís 53o with a light rain. Lew went to church and we watched Night at The Museum in the afternoon before switching to the Pro Bowl. Dinner was cannelonei al funghi with a jelled beet salad. At 2300, itís 48o.
Sat, Jan 27 At 0634, itís 35o. I completed our weekly marketing. Though we had tickets to the CPOS production of Death of a Salesman, we elected not to go. We had chili for dinner and watched Sherlock Holmes. At 2110, itís 56o.
Fri, Jan 26 At 0632, itís 25o. I had an appointment with Dr. Tu who discovered a film on the inside of the lens in my right eye. It will be lasered off February 7th. We menu planned and made Lobster Louie for dinner. In the evening, I watched Where Eagles Dare. At 2330, itís 36o.
Thu, Jan 25 At 0627, itís 33o. Cutting Crew mulched and I called Tony to install our 4 smoke detectors. We mailed the fireplace remote to Skytech for repair and then went to lunch at Sakura. We enjoyed Galaxy Quest in the afternoon and Spartacus in the evening. At 2250, itís 29o.
Wed, Jan 24 At 0655, itís 44o. I completed Margretís weekly marketing and Lew had a haircut. We secured lunch from WayBack Burgers at 1400 South and enjoyed DVR shows in the afternoon. An email from Lisa Rawls invited me to return to CAC in April and I booked my flights. In the evening, I watched The Music Man. At 2300, itís 37o.
Tue, Jan 23 At 0637, itís 60o and the upstairs windows are open a little as itís also raining. Lew had a routine appointment with Dr. Mehta and vetoed going out to lunch in the heavy rains. We had pasta and pesto for dinner. At 2215, itís 59o.
Mon, Jan 22 At 0653, itís 50o. Following Margaretís R&R, Lew secured more of her bladder meds, and we reloaded the reconditioned bar. Lew selected ďEvolutionĒ for our morning movie and we made a batch of black beans. At 2300, itís 50o.
Sun, Jan 21 At 0615, itís 31o. Margaret has a cut on her leg that is not serious. Lew elected not to go to church and spent more time on the bar renovation project. We watched the Jags end their season losing to New England 24-20 in the AFC Championship game. We had leftover lasagna with a salad and garlic bread and then watched the first half of the NFC Championship game, finally won by Philadelphia 38-7. At 2015, itís 49o.
Sat, Jan 20 At 0633, itís 31o. I completed our weekly marketing and Lew spent a 2nd day painting the bar. In the afternoon, we watched recorded shows on the DVR. We made Gunther Chicken Thighs for dinner with mac-n-cheese and pearl onions for dinner, while watching Mamma Mia. In the evening, I enjoyed My Fair Lady. At 2330, itís 36o.
Fri, Jan 19 At 0702, itís 25o. Margaret didnít want to get up and Lew started the bar restoration project. We watched Sound of Music and had Smoked Salmon soup for lunch and shrimp fettucini for dinner. I worked on welshtlc in the evening, and, at 2330, itís 34o.
Thu, Jan 18 At 0620, itís 22o. We cleaned off the bar prior to the refinishing project and then went to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. We enjoyed Wednesdayís shows on the DVR, followed by Star Wars II in the afternoon. Lew and Buddy went up at 2000o. At 2300, itís 29.
Wed, Jan 17 At 0702, itís 35o and I completed Margaretís weekly marketing. We watched a few movies in the afternoon with a few snow showers and made seared scallops, mac & gouda and a Romaine Split for dinner. With no naps, at 2000, itís 27o.
Tue, Jan 16 At 0640, itís 28o. Following Margaretís R&R, Lew had blood work done for Dr. Mehta. She was brave. We reserved our flights for the July ACL Ohio River Cruise and then went to lunch at Brew River. At 2310, itís 38o.
Mon, Jan 15 At 0712, itís 21o. Whereas itís Monday, itís a cleaning day and the bed clothes were brought down for the laundry. Margaret had a good night, but didnít want to get up. We made a London Broil for dinner. At 2300, itís 29o.
Sun, Jan 14 At 0646, itís 21o. Lew went to church and I skipped the Open House at DMRRC so we could watch the Jacksonville Jaguars upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, 45-42. I installed our replacement telephones, we had Lamb Berber for dinner, and watched the Vikings outlast the Saints 29-24. With no naps, at 2030, itís 23o.
Sat, Jan 13 At 0635, itís 52o. Margaret didnít want to get up and I completed our weekly marketing. I spent a few hours at the Delmarva Railroad Club Open House. We made pork saltimbocca and roasted cauliflower for dinner while watching NFL Divisional Playoff games. At 2100, itís 31o.
Fri, Jan 12 At 0645, itís 63o and the upstairs windows are open. Our delivery from arrived. I ordered new telephone equipment and chatted, briefly, with Linda while Lew had a pedicure. She vetoed going to the movies, so we went to the law office to sign some papers for MARVIC and picked up Double Cheese Burgers from Burger King and spent the afternoon watching shows recorded on the DVR. Lew has a sour stomach, but we still had Panko shrimp for dinner. At 2240, itís 61, raining, and the bedroom windows are still open.
Thu, Jan 11 At 0647, itís 39o. Lewís mammogram results are negative. We moved the wine rack to the dining room and went to Sakura for lunch. We came home to watch the Wednesday night shows on the DVR. At 2138, itís 54 and weíre open.
Wed, Jan 10 At 0645, itís 28o, and local schools are closed for the 5th day. I completed Margaretís weekly marketing and we went shopping. Our first stop was Hobby Lobby where we picked up knobs for the bar renovation project. From there it was on to Bed Bath and Beyond for door mats. Finally, we went to Vernon Powell where Lew splurged and cashed in the bulk of her Christmas gift card from Bill. At 2310, itís 38o.
Tue, Jan 9 At 0629, itís 29o. I had a haircut and Lew had a mammogram. We went to lunch at EVO. With the temperature at 45, and the snow beginning to melt, we came home to naps. Big lunches produce little enthusiasm for dinner. At 2230, itís 30o.
Mon, Jan 8 At 0702, itís 16o and local schools are still closed for snow accumulation. I had a routine doctorís appointment that went well, followed by a few errands. We had borscht for lunch, and selected Fast passes, checked in and booked Mears Transportation for the March WDW trip. We had a cider-roasted pork tenderloin with the feta tomato salad and acorn squash for dinner. After dinner, I watched the first half of the National Football Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. At 2200, itís 34 in a light rain.
Sun, Jan 7 At 0649, itís 7o. I elected to skip the Railroad Open House again. Lew made a batch of Sausage stuffed mushrooms and started a batch of borsht. With no church, due to snow accumulation, we enjoyed the NFL Wild Card Games and skipped dinner. At 2255, itís 13o.
Sat, Jan 6 At 0634, itís 9o. Buddy got his flea treatment. I completed our weekly marketing and Lew cooked Mac & Gouda and Salmon Squares. I was scheduled for the Open House at the Railroad Club but elected not to go. We watched NFL Wild Card in the afternoon and I made a chilled Cucumber sauce to go with the Salmon Squares, which was excellent. At 2100, itís 13o.
Fri, Jan 5 At 0644, itís 14o. Around 9, we attacked the snow, with me making a first pass down the driveway and across the sidewalks, and Lew shoveling off the front walk. At 10, I made a 2nd pass up and down the driveway. At 1300, Carmenís Cutting Crew completely cleared and salted the walks and the driveway, and at 1500, the city plow came through. We had Barber Kievs and baby lima beans for dinner. At 2220, itís 15o.
Thu, Jan 4 At 0627, itís 25o with heavy snow and high winds. At 0830, the snow on the backyard table measure 8Ē. By 1400, snowfall was completed. I communicated with Carmen at Cutting Crew and he said he will try to clean us out, tomorrow, after he has completed his commercial property obligations. We skipped lunch at Sakura as we couldnít get out. I made vermicelli and clam sauce for dinner. At 2110, itís 20o, but not snowing.
Wed, Jan 3 At 0709, itís 12o. I completed Margaretís marketing, now moved to Wednesday mornings, and we began monitoring the impending blizzard. As the day progressed, forecasts increased the likelihood to 4-12Ē by mid-day tomorrow. We had a pizza for lunch and leftover Chicken Marengo for dinner. At 2000, when Lew and Buddy went to bed, it had not yet begun to snow. At 2100, snowfall is light; accumulating. At 2245, itís 30o, snowing and accumulating.
Tue, Jan 2 At 0621, itís 16o and we are expecting 3-6Ē of snow Wednesday night. At 1015, Orkin checked the house and left us several snap-traps. We went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch. After lunch, we dropped off Margaretís hearing aides for cleaning and shipped Kateís sunglasses to Wyomissing. With no nap for me, at 2010, itís 20o. Snow tomorrow
Mon, Jan 01 At 0713, itís 15.o. We had Black-eyed peas and Oyster Stew for lunch and watched the Tournament of Roses Parade. We made Shrimp Jambalaya for dinner. At 2310, itís 18o.